Airflow is either measured in meter cube per hour or CFM. CFM or cubic feet per minute is usually the more useful metric. However, specification sheets of some devices like air purifiers may include meter cube per hour (m3/hr) but not CFM.

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That’s why it’s useful to convert meter cube per hour to CFM.

How do you convert m3/hr to CFM?

We can use this formula to convert meter cube per hour to CFM:

CFM = m3/hr / 1.699

Example: An air purifier can produce an airflow of 200 meter cube per hour. That converts to 200/1.699 = 118 CFM.

To help you out, we have prepared a meter cube per hour to CFM calculator. What is m3/hr in CFM? Just input the m3/hr and you’ll get the converted CFM value. Below the calculator, we have also calculated a conversion chart for the most common airflow rates.

Insert Meter Cube Per Hour (m3/hr)
0.00 CFM

Converted into CFM

Meter Cube Per Hour To CFM Conversion Chart

Meter Cube Per Hour (m3/hr)CFM
How many CFM is 10 m3/hr?5.89 CFM
How many CFM is 20 m3/hr?11.77 CFM
How many CFM is 50 m3/hr?29.43 CFM
How many CFM is 100 m3/hr?58.86 CFM
How many CFM is 200 m3/hr?117.72 CFM
How many CFM is 300 m3/hr?176.57 CFM
How many CFM is 400 m3/hr?235.4 CFM
How many CFM is 500 m3/hr?294.29 CFM
How many CFM is 600 m3/hr?353.2 CFM
How many CFM is 700 m3/hr?412.0 CFM
How many CFM is 800 m3/hr?470.9 CFM
How many CFM is 900 m3/hr?529.7 CFM
How many CFM is 1000 m3/hr?588.6 CFM
How many CFM is 1500 m3/hr?882.9 CFM
How many CFM is 2000 m3/hr?1177.2 CFM

If you need specific conversion from m3/hr to CFM, you can give us the numbers in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

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Relevant HVAC Certificates:



HVAC metrics:

SEER = (1 × EER100% + 42 × EER75% + 45 × EER50% + 12 × EER250%)/100

EER = BTUcooling/W

HSPF = BTUheating/W

COP = Q (useful heat)/W (input work)

ACH = CFM x 60/Area x Heightceiling

Total Heat (BTU/hr.) = 4.5 x CFM x Δh (std. air)

Sensible Heat (BTU/hr) = 1.1 x CFM x Δt (std. air)

Latent Heat (BTU/hr) = 0.69 x CFM x Δgr. (std. air)

1 HP = 746 Watts

1 kW = 3413 BTU

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