For example when i would choose to ask who if that is happy to satisfy with me and also my friend for the first time, exactly how should ns ask? "If you room up to meeting us" or "if you are up to meeting with us"?

I tried to google this and use the search, yet I couldn"t discover an answer.

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Typically, if girlfriend "meet through someone," you currently know the person, and you are setting up an i ordered it time to talk.

To "meet someone" usually way to greet them because that the an initial time.


I think both are acceptable means to say it, but depending on whereby one"s from, one of them will sound much more correct and also natural. Together an American I would certainly say that the an initial one is more common/natural/brief.


I think"Meet" is a verb definition to come into the existence or firm of someone by possibility or arrangement. E.g. I met an old friend in the train."Meet with" is a paragraph verb.It means:1.To come across; conference 2.To accomplish with opposition.3.To experience; undergo; receive:E.g.,The visitors met through courtesy throughout their stay.4.To join, as for conference or instruction:E.g.,I met with her one hour a day until we resolved the problem.

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What is the difference between meeting with someone or meeting someone?

"Meeting with", is American The is the difference. Using words with, is not really necessary. The does not include any, extra meaning. It"s superfluous. The is surplus to requirements. One unnecessary, added extra.

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