Yesterday (21st August) marked what would have actually been Robert Knox (Marcus Belby)’s birthday. The eighteen year old actor was tragically killed on 24th may 2008, apparently trying to defend his brother from a violent incident including a stabbing.

According come a statement by his parental in The Telegraph Rob was:

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 “kind and also thoughtful and would always assist out others – the would constantly spend his last penny top top other people instead that himself. The life and soul of the party, that was very outgoing, love sports, and also would constantly strike up a conversation with people. He was respectful to others and also adored by every his family and friends. He to be an asset to the family.”

His function as Marcus Belby in Harry Potter and The half Blood Prince kickstarted his acting career, and also Knox was likewise due to appear in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. 


Following his death, a concert because that Rob was held at St. Man the Evangelist Church on 2nd May 2009, The Bexley movie Festival also readjusted their surname to The plunder Knox movie Festival to salary tribute to him.

At the premiere of Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, the cast and also crew wore white wristbands as tribute (below), and various cast members attended his funeral.


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Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe attract white ribbons in ~ ‘Harry Potter and also the fifty percent Blood Prince’ premiere in 2009

Mugglenet has additionally recently reported on a church bench dedicated to the storage of Robert Knox, fundraised by a team of teens from the National citizens Service. The short article included a quote indigenous Sally Knox, Rob’s mother:

“They were simply so moved by Rob’s story, and also it make them really think around the selections they make…I was nearly crying when they told me. It’s simply amazing since when Rob an initial died us did part enquiries, yet this is the very first time I have been able come secure something favor that in Rob’s memory… the a lovely location to sit and also remember him.”


Sally and also Collin Knox – Rob’s parents – also set up The rob Knox Foundation , devoted to not only remembering your son, but also preventing street violence and also knife crime v educational talks. The Foundation’s website claims that talks are given in schools, groups and institutions throughout the U.K. to raise awareness of street violence:

“The speak are based upon Robs story and what taken place to him v dicussions about what options young civilization can make to save safe and what they have the right to do come to avoid this keep going in the future.”

Join united state as us raise our wands to Rob’s memory, and visit The plunder Knox Foundation’s website here to see just how you can help to protect against tragedies choose this native happening in the future!