Below, I’ve noted the top questions that we acquire from customers around the deluxe Orbit Chaise Lounge. Just contact us if girlfriend don’t discover the prize to your question. =)

Where can I acquire replacement cushions?

I have actually not been able to uncover Orbit Lounger replacement cushions for the previous 3 years. From what ns know, the manufacturer no longer makes them.

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Note: you can contact the manufacturer directly (Courtyard innovations 877-539-7436), as they might be may be to administer help in finding instead of cushions.

However, ns don’t want to leave you hanging. Therefore, below are some concepts that some people have come up with:

1. Round inflatable Lounger


Where deserve to I find a cover for the Orbit Lounger?

The manufacturer go not market replacement covers for the lounger. However, i have found patio furniture covers that are similar in size and shape that work-related well to protect your furniture throughout the winter (or rain, sun, etc..)

How lot does the luxurious Orbit Chaise Lounge weigh?

The shipping load is around 85 lbs.

What room the measurements of the lounger?

Length: 77 inches

Width: 61 inches

Height: 13 inches (frame height, cushions include another 3 inches)

How lot weight deserve to the Orbit Lounger hold?

Approximately 500 lbs

Does the Orbit Lounger need a most work to assemble?

Customers report that it takes in between 20 mins come 45 minutes to put together. Every “tools” the are needed to assemble the lounger are consisted of with the product other than a phillips screwdriver.

Is the cushion towel waterproof/water resistant?

The cushion fabric and also fill save 100% polyester. Plus, they withstand water and mildew. However, that is no waterproof. The cushion towel is likewise UV-resistant to prevent shade fading and also deterioration. Numerous customers report that they leaving their loungers out in the rain ~ above a continuous basis without any type of problems.

Does it come with the litter cushions in the photo?

Yes. It additionally comes through a magazine holder the hangs over the frame.

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How do I clean the cushions?

Use soap and water come clean the luxurious Orbit Chaise Lounge cushions. Amazon tote a high tech fabric guard that protects out fabrics versus water, dirt, grease and sun damage.