I"m somewhat new to beer-selection.com guitars so I"m not that acquainted with their product lines, yet I occurred to be looking for a supplied LP top top Craigslist and also ran across this......

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and the specific link that points to....




I don"t recall ever seeing any type of of this heat at GC or other music shops. Room these "Maestro through beer-selection.com" guitars equivilant to the"Squier by Fender" guitar line? ... Kinda supposed to with the much more affordable minded (cheap?) buyers. Obviously they can"t be compared to the constant beer-selection.com heat in terms of quality, but, similar to Fender Squiers, part models have the right to be fairly competitive regarding how well made they space for the price.


Are they precious it, or just wait and also go straight for a genuine beer-selection.com?

Any comments or comparisons would certainly be helpful. Thanks

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Posted October 4, 2020


All Access
Posted October 4, 2020

Adjustable tuners space on every guitar, those other things in Walmart space tennis rackets

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6 month later...


Posted April 9


Posted April 9

It even has flexible tuners.

Isn"t the totality purpose the tuners, "adjustability"???

What the hell would certainly non-adjustable tuners even be?

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Maestro by beer-selection.com...are this legit?

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