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Pants on the Ground is an initial song written and also performed by Larry Platt, a 62 year old contestant who auditioned for the 9th season of popular reality TV show, American Idol. Together the location implies, the tune talks around how civilization seriously need to pull your pants up, due to the fact that wearing pants below waistline doesn"t really do them look "cool." despite Mr. Platt couldn"t do it come the following round (due to the program"s age restrictions), his article of trousers on the Ground absolutely entertained the judges and millions that viewers in ~ home.

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Hey! acquire your trousers off the ground!Lookin" prefer a silly / with your trousers on the GroundWith the gold in your mouth / hat turned sidewaysCall you yourself a cool cat / trousers on the ground!

On February 4, 2010, a studio single version that Larry"s song was released by American King Music because that MP3 Download. Showing his tendency popularity, pants on the Ground briefly entered the top 100 chart in the US and Canada, peaking at #46 in the us Singles height 100.

Viral Derivatives

"Pants on the Ground" conveniently rose to viral standing in the adhering to days; dozens that YouTubers and also celebrities carry out the track in respect of Larry. Together of April 2010, there are at this time over 12,000 instances of trousers on the Ground and its derivatives accessible on YouTube.

A parody by asathecomic top top YouTube:

Pants on the soil remix by DJ Steve Porter (see also: Slap Chop):

Mainstream Derivatives

Jimmy Fallon together Neil Young covering "Pants top top the Ground"

96.1 KISS FM Morning Freak Show

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre sings "Pants ~ above the Ground"

On January 24th, basic Larry Platt performed his track personally because that the Minnesota Vikings just before the NFC Conference final matchup versus the new Orleans Saints.




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