Season 4 episode 17 - The Skating Lesson/ Mr. Moth

The Skating Lesson: small Bill is an extremely excited about learning to roller skate v April, yet he doesn"t recognize why he needs lessons; he expects to just take off and skate best away. April describes that that takes time to learn how to balance on the skates, but tiny Bill offers up angrily after falling down number of times. Once he the town hall April give a lesson come his cousin Fuchsia, who has been skating for a few days and also keeps ~ above trying even if she falls down, small Bill gets encouraged to make one more attempt.Mr. Moth: miss Murray is providing the class a lesson on insects, and has assigned each of the kids a butterfly chrysalis to clock it change. As Fuchsia"s, Kiku"s and Andrew"s butterflies all begin to hatch, but little Bill"s doesn"t, miss out on Murray notices that little Bill was given a moth pod instead. She speak him the moths usually take much longer to hatch, and may come out at night; she allows Bill to take his insect house so he doesn"t miss the hatching. Just before he"s about to f Air date : 4th-Feb-2004

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Season 4 episode 1 - The auto Keys/ Doggie sitting

The car Keys: As big Bill and Bobby return from an errand, large Bill asks Bobby to put away his automobile keys because that him. Pretending to pitch a baseball, Bobby throws the secrets effortlessly right into a bowl on the table by the door. Wanting to emulate his enlarge brother, small Bill bring away the keys and also prepares come toss them likewise when he"s interrupted by guests at the door. Andrew and his mother have actually come end to invite tiny Bill come play at your house, therefore the guys go up to Bill"s bedroom to acquire some toys and also put Elephant earlier in his cage. Tiny Bill forgets he has the keys in his hand and also as that puts Elephant far the keys drop and roll under his bed. Later, as huge Bill and also Bobby get ready for Bobby"s violin lesson, large Bill asks what taken place to the keys. Bobby asserts the he did placed them away, however will start searching for them. Tiny Bill, remembering what that did, is afraid to phone call his brother what happened, fearing your father will certainly be angry. Finally, tiny Bill confesses to Bobby what happened; Air date : 18th-Feb-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 2 - new Foods/ Elephant top

New Foods: Brenda and tiny Bill room shopping at the grocery store store once they run into small Bill"s classmate, Dorado, and his mother, Valencia. Valencia invites bill to play over at your house and stay because that dinner, yet Brenda mentions they space planning to to visit April"s basketball video game late the evening, therefore Valencia extend the invitation to the following day. Tiny Bill asks if they can have his favourite meal, macaroni and also cheese; Valencia says she is walking to do Dorado"s favorite foodstuffs that night-- chicken with rice and pigeon peas, and also fried plantain bananas. Tiny Bill is doubtful to try the brand-new foods, and laments come his mommy that that would fairly eat food the is acquainted with. Brenda it s okay him come realize how eating something different can be fun by questioning him if whatever were made out of macaroni and cheese, would he still desire to eat it? tiny Bill agrees to taste the dishes, and also to his surprised discovers the enjoys it very much.Elephant Tricks: little Bill and Andrew room wat Air day : 19th-Feb-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 3 - What about Me?/ Happy not Birthday come You

What around Me?: tiny Bill asks his father if they can go play capture in the park, however just as they are leaving, April asks big Bill to assist her fix the computer, which she needs to usage to complete her homework. Huge Bill fixes the printer and the two are prepared to leaving again as soon as April announces the computer system crashed again. Thinking that his father will certainly be tied up with April"s problems for a while, small Bill asks Brenda if she will certainly take him instead; she apologizes and explains she"s help Bobby fix his bicycle. Feeling ignored, tiny Bill retreats come his room and decides to pass the time observing a bird"s swarm outside his window. Simply when the remainder of the family members finishes their tasks and tells bill they can all go to the park through him, tiny Bill spots one of the infant birds falling the end of the nest and rushes exterior to rescue it. Huge Bill it s okay a ladder to return the bird come the nest, and calls his child a hero, mentioning that if they had left when they originally planned to, Lit Air day : 20th-Feb-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 4 - racing Time/ every Tied increase

Racing Time: small Bill is trying to obtain ready for school, but tiny things keep distracting him, like watching the bird"s swarm outside his window, and also playing v Elephant. Alice the great tells him if the doesn"t protect against dawdling he will certainly be late to school. Small Bill it s okay to school too late to check out Show and also Tell, and also misses his friend Kiku"s presentation, reflecting her cat, large Debbie. Small Bill apologizes to miss out on Murray because that his tardiness, and she reminds him to no be late to course the following day because she"s bringing in she pet to that the class tomorrow. Once he gets residence after school, little Bill asks Alice the great to assist him v his problem of acquiring ready ~ above time. Alice suggests using an egg timer native the kitchen come time just how long the takes tiny Bill to perform his tasks; the way, he have the right to know exactly how much time he has left before he knows he will certainly be late. The following morning, Alice uses the timer to clock exactly how long the takes bill to acquire dressed, have actually his breakfast, and brush his this in Air day : 21st-Feb-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 5 - Echo Falls/ walking Fishing

Echo Falls: big Bill and also Uncle Al take little Bill and also Fuchsia on a hiking pilgrimage to visit Echo Falls. Uncle Al is analysis a map with overview markings on it to make sure they are adhering to the ideal path, yet one the the signs is extended up through a bush, and also they get turned approximately going the wrong way. Tiny Bill numbers out that if castle walk back to wherein they observed the last landmark, then shot to listen for the waterfalls, they will obtain to the right place.Going Fishing: As component of your hiking trip, Al and big Bill take the kids fishing. Small Bill it s okay discouraged when it seems favor everybody rather is recording fish; that tries to readjust paces ~ above the boat, place on his father"s lucky hat, yet nothing appears to help. Uncle Al suggests they break for lunch, and have a picnic. Little Bill it s okay inspired, and asks large Bill if he deserve to use his hot dog as bait because that the fish. The following time the household goes out to fish, tiny Bill tries his new bait and catches the biggest fish that all. Air day : 28th-Jul-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 6 - The best Book Ever!/ A Ramp for Monty

The ideal Book Ever: Brenda takes little Bill come the library therefore he get his an initial library card and also check out a book. He checks out a publication called, ""A job in the Life of a Hamster"" and tells the librarian it"s the finest book ever. All week long, he reads the publication over and also over. When it"s time come return the book, small Bill tells Brenda that doesn"t want to, since he likes it too much. When the librarian asks what the liked around it, invoice realizes he has actually memorized the story, and can mental it, so he return the book and checks the end another.A Ramp because that Monty: Monty and also Bill are reading in the library, and when huge Bill comes to pick them up, invoice notices the Monty can exit the library conveniently in his wheelchair using a ramp. He additionally sees that there is not a ramp at your house, therefore it"s hard for Monty to walk up their stairs as soon as he visits. ~ Monty goes home, little Bill asks large Bill to help him build a ramp because that the earlier steps as a surprise for Monty the following time the visits. When Monty come Air date : 29th-Jul-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 7 - The new Babysitter/ My girlfriend Isabel

The brand-new Babysitter: Brenda and Bill Bill room going to a conference at April"s school, while Alice the great has a doctor"s appointment, so tiny Bill will be getting a brand-new babysitter: Mr. Rojas" niece, Isabel. Small Bill tho misses his old babysitter, Mrs. Shapiro, so as soon as Isabel arrives and asks what he desires to play, that skulks and says,""Nothing."" Deciding to take it the initiative, Isabel invents ""The nothing Game,"" speak he has to keep perfect still, act nothing, and the very first one to relocate loses. This makes him laugh, therefore she uses to do dinner while the plays in his room. He ultimately warms as much as her when he to learn Isabel loves his favourite TV show, space Explorers, and makes increase a funny video game playing ""the friendly alien from the 4th galaxy meets Captain Brainstorm.""My friend Isabel: Alice the great has a dentis appontment ~ school, so little Bill asks if Isabel have the right to pick him up instead. She agrees, but explains the she can"t stay long due to the fact that she needs to study because that a test the ne Air day : 30th-Jul-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 8 - The early Bill/ walking Camping

The early on Bill: tiny Bill wakes up really early one morning, and also find the everyone else, other than Alice the Great, is quiet sleeping. Alice invites him come come along with her on her morning walk. Lock walk come the park, and on the way, they fulfill Uncle Al taking a jog, Mr. Rojas wade Lito, and also Miss Murray practicing Tai Chi. When they obtain to the park, Alice takes invoice to the pond, whereby he spots a goose and also her goslings. Once they get back home, invoice tells Bobby about all the points he let go by sleeping late.Going Camping: Bobby and also April are going on a college camping pilgrimage for the weekend, and tiny Bill is disappointed that he"s also young to go. To cheer the up, huge Bill suggests they have actually their very own campout in the backyard. They collection up a tent and cook their dinner top top a portable stove. Large Bill starts to tell a story, but gets spooked by the neigbor"s cat. That then argues counting firelies, but tiny Bill has actually nodded off. Air date : 31st-Jul-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 9 - exact same Moon, same Sun, same Star/ all Together now

Same Moon, very same Sun, very same Star- small Bill"s next door neighbor, Mrs. Shapiro, announces the she has determined to relocate to Hawaii to live v her sister. Brenda describes that it means Mrs. Shapiro will be living an extremely far far from them and also may only visit once a year. Although he understands, tiny Bill is worried that he"ll never ever see his good friend ever again. Mrs. Shapiro assures him they can stay in call by creating to one another and using the telephone; she additionally gives him her ukelele together a parting gift along with a little tip to aid him whenever he starts to feeling lonely: she sings a song from Hawaii that points out that although they will certainly live in various parts of the country, they will certainly still check out the ""same moon, same sun, very same star"" once they watch up at the sky. When little Bill begins to miss out on her, she states, just look up at the sky and think of she looking in ~ the sky, too. This cheers up little Bill and allows him to say a heartfelt goodbye come his neighbor.All Together now Air day : 22nd-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 10 - The Surprise!/ good Ol" Lightnin"

The Surprise: Bobby and also April room planning a special surprise for Alice the Great"s birthday: a picture album filled with photos of she all through her life. Tiny Bill points the they don"t have any type of up to date photos of her, and also volunteers to it is in the ""secret snapshot taker."" the tries to take it photographs of Alice approximately the house, and even gets the rest of the family to pose v her, yet when she catches on, the accidentally lets the news around the gift on slide out. Upset at destroying the surprise, small Bill doesn"t also want to attend the birthday party; trying to cheer that up, Brenda tells him she emerged his photos, and Alice the an excellent doesn"t know around these pictures. Bill decides to take it the photos and make a distinct collage to add to the last page in the picture album.Good Ol" Lighnin": while looking in the photograph album, little Bill clues a photo of Alice once she was his age, riding in a wagon. Alice remarks the the wagon to be nicknamed ""Ol" Lightnin""" and that she used to ride the Air date : 23rd-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 11 - The musical Instrument/ The Choir

The music Instrument: ~ watching Bobby practicing his violin, small Bill decides he can like to find out to pat a music instrument. He asks Bobby just how he determined on the violin; Bobby replies the ""it just felt right"" after trying out various other instruments. Large Bill takes little Bill to a neighborhood music save to try out different instruments, yet announces that none of them feel best to him. Once he provides up a song off the height of his head come express himself, Alice the good points out that singing is also music, so small Bill decides his voice is his brand-new ""instrument.""The Choir: small Bill hears April practicing a track for the church choir, and asks if he have the right to sing through her, yet she it s okay annoyed through his improvisational scatting rather than to sing the component as written. Small Bill speak Brenda right into letting him join April at her choir practice. Invoice sits quietly and listens to the girl practice, however when small becomes sick during rehearsal and has come be sent home, little Bill voluntee Air day : 24th-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 12 - The significant Shrinking small Bill/ The large Swings

The tremendous Shrinking little Bill: small Bill decides to measure himself making use of the family growth chart along the kitchen doorway, however his hand slips while making the mark and his brand-new line falls below the old measurement the last time he confirm his height. Now convinced he"s shrinking, tiny Bill consults the rest of the family around ways to thrive bigger. Huge Bill mentions how civilization grow at night while lock sleep, and also Alice the good says eat the right foods items helps growth. Bobby and April say stretching exercises help, yet when Brenda captures the youngsters trying come stretch bill by pulling ~ above his legs and also arms, she place a prevent to the nonsense. Showing Bill exactly how he make a mistake, Brenda measures him again and also shows him he actually flourished a little since critical time.The large Swings: in ~ the park, small Bill asks Alice the great if he have the right to play on the huge playground tools like April and also Bobby do. Bobby guarantees to look after his tiny brother if April is playing basketball v h Air day : 25th-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 13 - brand-new Neighbors/ Doggie Magic

New Neighbors: Bobby and small Bill notice someone brand-new moving into Mrs. Shapiro"s old house, and also decide come investigate. Alice the an excellent and April have actually made a cake come welcome the brand-new neighbors, and they every go next door to meet Mr. Rojas, a retirement gentleman who works part time together a children"s entertainer v his dog, Miguelito. If they room talking v Mr. Rojas, the kids discover several of their belongings have gone missing-- April"s shoe, Bobby"s magnifying glass, and tiny Bill"s hat. Deciding to investigate prior to accusing his brand-new neighbor of being a thief, little Bill discovers that there is a hole in your fence big enough because that Lito to squeeze through, and also he has actually been swiping points as a fetching exercise. Mr. Rojas assures to settle the fence and teach Lito no to take things anymore.Doggie Magic: huge Bill and little Bill room on their method home native shopping when big Bill notices Mr. Rojas having actually trouble through his car. He offers to help fix the problem, but tiny Bill remin Air date : 26th-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 illustration 14 - I have the right to Sign/ The sign For girlfriend

I deserve to Sign: Brenda and small Bill are grocery shopping when tiny Bill notices a brand-new cashier; that is confused because she doesn"t talk, using her hand to communicate. Brenda defines the cashier, Angie, is deaf, and also uses sign language come talk. She do the efforts to introduce them, but small Bill becomes uncharacteristically shy, and afraid to talk. When they return home and also tell April what happened, she remarks the she"s learning sign language at school and can teach little Bill what come say; she shows him how to to speak Hello, Friends, and Elephant, and how come finger order his name. The next time they walk to the store, little Bill indicators his usual greeting to Angie, ""Hello, Friend!""The sign For Friend: little Bill is play in the park through Andrew once they notification a brand-new girl playing with her mother; she appears engrossed with using a special magnifying glass that allows her look at insects closely. The guys would choose to meet her and ask if they deserve to play with the toy, too, however can"t it seems ~ to gain her Air day : 29th-Sep-2003Read More

Season 4 episode 15 - Summertime In The Wintertime/ snow Racer

Summertime In The Wintertime: A blizzard access time the Philadelphia area, leave the Glover kids stuck within the house for the day. Reasoning of methods to game themselves till it warms up, little Bill argues imagining that it"s summer instead, and decorates his room prefer the beach. His siblings sign up with in the fun and also take the ""beach"" right into the life room. April notes that Brenda and large Bill were unable to protect against the snowstorm prior to heading turn off to work and will probably be tired, cold and wet as soon as they come home. Bobby and little Bill decide they must put ~ above a ""Summertime In The Wintertime"" variety show for your parents to cheer them up. April pretends to do a news report, Bobby tells jokes, while small Bill sings the songs he make up. Brenda, big Bill, and Alice the good tell the youngsters how lot they appreciate their thoughtfulness and creativity.Snow Racer: small Bill and his friend Michael take benefit of the snowstorm by building a ~ pretend racecar the end of snow, dubbing Air day : 2nd-Feb-2004Read More

Season 4 illustration 16 - acquire Well, Elephant/ Elephant"s finest Friend

Get Well, Elephant: large Bill and small Bill are about to leaving to check out the Captain Brainstorm Movie when large Bill points the end that little Bill forgot to placed on his shoes. As he retrieves his sneakers, little Bill notices the his pets hamster, Elephant, hasn"t eaten and also seems lethargic; worried, small Bill speak his father the they can"t go to the movie until they take care of his pet. Tiny Bill decides to ask Percy Mulch, the pet store owner because that advice, and Percy suggests that small Bill simply make Elephant warm, comfortable, and give several water. Tiny Bill adheres to the indict carefully, and after a an excellent night"s rest, Elephant appears to be ago to his old self.Elephant"s ideal Friend: little Bill and also Andrew space playing room Explorers, and decide Elephant must play the alien in their story. Andrew states that Elephant requirements a ideal friend come play with, similar to the boys are best friends. They shot to find someone with common interests choose Elephant, however when lock ask April to Air date : 3rd-Feb-2004Read More

Season 4 episode 17 - The Skating Lesson/ Mr. Moth

The Skating Lesson: tiny Bill is really excited around learning to roller skate with April, yet he doesn"t understand why he needs lessons; he expects to just take off and also skate ideal away. April defines that it takes time come learn how to balance top top the skates, but little Bill provides up angrily after falling down numerous times. As soon as he watches April give a lesson come his cousin Fuchsia, who has been skating for a few days and also keeps ~ above trying even if she falls down, little Bill gets motivated to make an additional attempt.Mr. Moth: miss out on Murray is offering the course a class on insects, and has assigned every of the kids a butterfly chrysalis to clock it change. Together Fuchsia"s, Kiku"s and Andrew"s butterflies all start to hatch, but small Bill"s doesn"t, miss out on Murray notices that little Bill was offered a moth pod instead. She tells him that moths typically take longer to hatch, and also may come the end at night; she enables Bill to take his insect home so he doesn"t miss out on the hatching. Just before he"s about to f Air day : 4th-Feb-2004Read More

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Season 4 illustration 18 - exclusive Time/ never ever

Private Time: The Glover family is cleaning the kitchen with each other when large Bill mentions come Brenda the ""their song"" is play on the radio and also asks she to dance. April takes the hint that her parents could like to it is in alone together and also tries come escort she brothers out, but tiny Bill doesn"t understand when April states they"d choose some ""private time."" Brenda defines that it means sometimes human being need to it is in alone through someone to talk, or just spend time together. Tiny Bill is still a little confused, and says that his walks on errands v his mother must it is in their private time, for this reason his parents decide to just describe it come him as soon as he"s older.Never: Alice the an excellent is entertaining an old friend, Jazz musician Clark Terry, but small Bill is emotion a little put out due to the fact that Sunday afternoons space usually the time he spends through Alice through himself-- it"s your ""private time."" Alice invites Clark to join them on your walk to the park, but they go to a various area 보다 they generally do. Air date : 5th-Feb-2004Read More

Season 4 episode 19 - once Friends gain Mad/ The Party crate

When Friends obtain Mad: small Bill and his friends space painting images of things We Like around Spring come decorate the room"s bulletin board. Little Bill is very proud if his paint of a feather day, v flowers and trees in a park, however when Kiku make the efforts to obtain a closer look, she by chance knocks end the glass the water supplied to rinse the paintbrushes, spilling almost everywhere Bill"s paper, damaging it. Upset over his difficult work being destroyed, invoice retaliates by crumpling up Kiku"s paper. Kiku begins to cry, and small Bill doesn"t recognize why everyone sides through her, and expects him to apologize! once he gets home, Brenda and big Bill uncover out what occurred and shot to explain to Bill that what Kiku did was an accident, yet what that did as on purpose because he to be angry. The next day in ~ school, bill apologizes to Kiku and offers to aid make a new painting for her.The Party Box: Brenda, large Bill, and Alice the good are hosting a cocktail party for few of their friends, but tiny Bill Air day : 6th-Feb-2004Read More