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Tom Riddle"s Diary

Year 2, chapter 4

You"ll start the chapter through a fight against Moaning Myrtle. She"ll throw debris in ~ you for this reason you must hurl them ago to her making use of WiLe. This will open up the cubicle doors. When the last cubicle door opens, shoot her to damages her. Repeat this two an ext times. She"ll acquire stuck after acquisition her third hit so conveniently shoot again to loss her.

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Moaning Myrtle battle

You"ll discover yourself in a flashback stage. You need to look because that ingredients because that a potion again so begin by blasting the items armor and the bookshelf to obtain the very first piece. Shooting all 6 armors in this room to disclose the Red crest piece. Four are situated at ground level if the various other two are situated in the upper platform. Place it come the cauldron to the right, then action on the piston-like mechanisms to create foothholds top top the wall up front. Hop come the upper left, then blast the article armor again and also the pot to acquire the second piece.

Next, go back again to the pistons and also use the footholds again to run to the upper right. Hit the piston there and also jump across the gap to the appropriate to find a shower brick. Shoot that to damage it to obtain the last piece.

After throw the critical ingredient in the cauldron, retract the vine in the center then usage WiLe to fix the closet. Go within to equip some earmuffs then use the mandrake to shatter the glass cabinet alongside the closet and also other glasswares in the room if you want to. Drink the strength potion then pull the chain to expose some lego bricks. Use the bricks below to create a walkway on height of the pink arcs therefore you can reach the various other chain to gain out of this area. You don"t need to use all the bricks.

Head to the right and also kill the pixies hold two much more lego bricks. Assemble them on peak of the arcs so you have the right to jump through. Remember the you should reach the following chain prior to the impact of the potion wears off. Pull the chain to remove the obstacle.

In the following area, you"ll must find and shoot all 3 radios scattered to unlock the environment-friendly Crest piece. Monitor the path until you reach the an initial stairs. Jump on the piston to the side then shoot the first radio.

Cross the stairs, climate shoot the painting. Usage the part the painting threw away to solve the second piston. Action on the to resolve the stairs, then shoot the second radio. Place one that your characters beside the bookshelf, then use WiLe ~ above the table to rotate the bookshelf. Move to the other character and do the exact same thing to regroup.

Shoot the banner to reveal some pieces. Use WiLe to produce a trampoline. Run to the following platform, then use LuSo come retract the vines and also release the footholds. Run down and also place the footholds top top the wall surface so you have the right to jump come the upper part.

Shoot the last radio here to unlock the environment-friendly Crest Piece. Finally, arrange the arcs ~ above the next to finish the chapter.

Re-runMoaning Myrtle – during the boss fight with her, head come the far right of the restroom then open up the dark room to acquire her token. Yellow Crest piece – shoot the silver- chest in the top left edge of the room. Journey the plunger roughly the room to remove all 5 water puddles. The crest will show up after removed the 5th puddle. On the an initial flashback room, head to the much right and also have Hermione settle the puzzle cabinet. Seize the key, then usage it to open up the locked cabinet to the left. This will conserve the college student in danger inside.

Vocalist - at the start of the second area, open the for sure behind to acquire this personality token. Blue Crest piece - In the exact same hallway as the safe containing the Vocalist token, continue south and use RE come unlock the chest in the corner. Professor Vector – In the last area before arranging the the pillars come exit, you"ll find the safe beside the 3rd radio.

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HogwartsFollow the follow of spiders then departure to the following area. Just keep complying with the route of spiders until you with Hagrid"s cottage.