If you’re a K-Drama fan, you probably squealed in joy when you uncovered out the Suzy and Lee Dong Wook, two of the most popular and covetable stars in southern Korea, evidenced that they were dating. Everybody thought that those cheesy yet addicting romantic scenes that made united state all feel warm and fuzzy almost everywhere do come true in genuine life. However sad come say, that just might not be the case. At least for these two. In true oriental entertainment sector style, the breakup to be announced via their respective agencies. Korean stars seldom talk about their love resides in interviews. They additionally can’t it is in seen together in public, yet they get recorded in paparazzi layout photos that push their organ to make main confirmations.

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On July 2, however, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the 2 actors had finished their romantic relationship. The firm stated, “It’s true that has broken up with Lee Dong Wook. Due to the fact that they both had actually busy schedules, the was complicated for them to meet, and also they naturally finished up going their separate ways.” Lee Dong Wook’s company King Kong by Starship similarly confirmed, “It’s true the Lee Dong Wook and also Suzy have damaged up. Castle naturally flourished apart as they ended up being busier.”

But who else were shown or rumored to have actually dated Suzy and also Lee Dong Wook? Here’s an attractive list:


Suzy was a member of a well-known girl group referred to as Miss A before they disbanded and also focused on their individual careers. But even before she ventured into dramas, Suzy was considered as the most renowned member because of her numerous talents and also stunning looks. She to be often dubbed as the nation’s appropriate girl, and also her girl-next-door picture earned her one of the many sought ~ stars of brands and advertising companies.

Lee Min Ho

With Suzy’s popular on the rise, it wasn’t long prior to she to be rumored to it is in dating one more famous K-Drama actor, Lee Min Ho. Both shown their connection and celebrated your two-year anniversary in an exclude, party in Seoul, through close celebrity friends together their guests. Lee Min Ho and Suzy, add by his manager, were spotted out and about in Seoul and in London on march 23, 2015. They confirmed their dating status soon after. But unfortunately, after ~ two and also a fifty percent years, they called it quits for “personal reasons.”


Sung Joon

Way prior to she date Lee Min Ho, Suzy to be rumored to have actually dated an additional heartthrob, model and also actor Sung Joon. Sung Joon explained, “It’s something that happened due to the fact that Suzy is famous… ns didn’t think it to be a huge deal, yet I wake up up and my name was #1 on search engines. The is why it to be burdensome, and also I realized that I should be careful with mine actions… complying with the dating rumors, ns felt sorry to Suzy, so ns haven’t to be contacting her.”  The gossip mill started due to the fact that they starred in the very same drama (“Gu family Book”) and also were photographed having actually dinner together also after the filming ended.


Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is taken into consideration as one of the peak leading guys in K-Dramas, having started his career together an extra in the year 1999. However soon that played huge roles in hit after fight dramas and movies, garnering him not just fame but additionally a wire of controversies with his lover co-stars.

Lee Da Hae

Lee Dong Wook starred together Lee Da Hae in “My Girl,” i m sorry was displayed not only in Korea but additionally in other oriental countries. Their chemistry was so palpable that entertainment gossip reflects started speculating there’s much more to their partnership than simply being co-actors. Number of fans complied with their “love team” the producers casted lock again in their 2nd drama, “Hotel King.” In a candid TV interview, Lee Da Hae shared, “Let’s simply say we have a deep friendship. Would certainly the pan be upset around that? then what have to I do? Well, you can never tell between a man and a woman,” she finished, giving fans of the couple some hope the time.



Jessica is a former member the the popular girl group, Girl’s Generation and also she starred together Lee Dong Wook in “Wild Romance.” yet it seemed favor they took their on-screen romantic to genuine life and were spotted together numerous times, sparking consistent rumors that the two were dating.

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Gong Yoo

With the immense fame that the K-Drama “Goblin,” and the evident “bromance” of Lee Dong Wook and also heartthrob Gong Yoo, the two were rumored to be in a relationship! A korean gossip site has likewise reported that the alleged couple spent time with each other in Taiwan. However, the two simply laughed it off and said that the speculations room groundless.