Nigeria"s latitude and longitude is 10° 00" N and 8° 00" E. Below is the map of Nigeria showing significant towns, roads, airports v latitudes and longitudes plotted ~ above it.

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Description:Find Nigeria latitude and longitude map showing substantial details including cities, roads, towns, airports and also much more.Disclaimer


Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to make this picture accurate. Yet Compare Infobase Limited, the directors and also employees do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity that the same.

he complete area of 923,768 square kilometer falls within the latitude and longitude of Nigeria . The country that Nigeria is located within the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. The latitude the Nigeria falls within the tropical zone yet the climatic conditions are not entirely tropical in nature. The climatic problem varies in many parts the the country, in the north the climatic condition is arid and to the southern there is one equatorial form of climate.The latitude and also longitude the the capital of Nigeria , Abuja, is 9 o 12"North and 7 o 11"East. The longitude the Nigeria is come the east of the prime Meridian and also the time difference is just of one hour ahead from the Greenwich median Time. Over there is a distinction of six hours from Washington DC in Nigeria.

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Latitude and also Longitude that Nigeria

05°10"N 7°19"E
Abeokuta 07°03"N 03°19"E
Abuja 09°05"N 07°32"E
Agades/Agadez 16°58"N 07°59"E
Agadez 16°58"N 07°59"E
Air 18°30"N 08°00"E
Akure 07°15"N 05°05"E
Arlit 19°00"N 07°38"E
Azare 11°55"N 10°10"E
Azbine/Air 18°30"N 08°00"E
Bajoga 10°57"N 11°20"E
Bama 11°33"N 13°41"E
Baro 08°35"N 06°18"E
Bauchi 10°22"N 09°48"E
Bena 11°20"N 05°50"E
Benin City 06°20"N 05°31"E
Benue 07°48"N 06°46"E
Bida 09°03"N 05°58"E
Bilma 18°50"N 13°30"E
Birni Nkonni 13°55"N 05°15"E
Birnin Kebbi 12°32"N 04°12"E
Biu 10°40"N 12°03"E
Bosso 13°43"N 13°19"E
Boultoum 14°45"N 10°25"E
Burutu 05°20"N 05°29"E
Calabar 04°57"N 08°20"E
Dosso 13°00"N 03°13"E
Duku 10°43"N 10°43"E
Enugu 06°30"N 07°30"E
Fachi 18°06"N 11°34"E
Famale 14°33"N 01°05"E
Filingue 14°21"N 03°22"E
Funtua 11°30"N 07°18"E
Gashaka 07°20"N 11°29"E
Gashua 12°54"N 11°00"E
Gaya 11°52"N 03°28"E
Geidam 12°57"N 11°57"E
Gombe 10°19"N 11°02"E
Gumel 12°39"N 09°22"E
Gusau 12°12"N 06°40"E
Hadejia 12°30"N 10°05"E
I-n-Gall 16°51"N 07°01"E
Ibadan 07°22"N 03°58"E
LocationLatitudeLongitude Ife
0°30"N 04°31"E
Ijebu-Ode 06°47"N 03°58"E
Ikare 07°32"N 05°40"E
Ilesha 07°37"N 04°40"E
Ilorin 08°30"N 04°35"E
Iwo 07°39"N 04°09"E
Jega 12°15"N 04°23"E
Jos 09°53"N 08°51"E
Kaduna 10°30"N 07°21"E
Kafanchan 09°40"N 08°20"E
Kainji Res. 10°01"N 04°40"E
Kano 12°02"N 08°30"E
Katsina 13°00"N 07°32"E
Kaffi 08°55"N 07°43"E
Kontagora 10°23"N 05°27"E
Kumo 10°01"N 11°12"E
Lafia 08°30"N 08°34"E
Lagos 06°25"N 03°27"E
Lokoja 07°47"N 06°45"E
MadaMa 22°0"N 13°40"E
Maiduguri 12°0"N 13°20"E
Makurdi 07°43"N 08°35"E
Maradi 13°29"N 07°20"E
Minna 09°37"N 06°30"E
Mubi 10°18"N 13°16"E
Nguigmi 14°20"N 13°20"E
Nguru 12°56"N 10°29"E
Niamey 13°27"N 02°06"E
Numan 09°29"N 12°03"E
Offa 08°13"N 04°42"E
Ogbomosho 08°01"N 04°11"E
Onitsha 06°06"N 06°42"E
Oshogbo 07°48"N 04°37"E
Oturkpo 07°16"N 08°08"E
Owo 07°10"N 05°39"E
Oyo 07°46"N 03°56"E
Port Harcourt 04°40"N 07°10"E
Potiskum 11°39"N 11°02"E
Sapele 5°50"N 5°40"E
Sokoto 13°2"N 5°16"E
Tanout 14°50"N 8°55"E
Uyo 5°1"N 7°53"E
Warri 5°30"N 5°41"E

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