Yes, in some ways. A king or Prince will constantly have a household full of male friends and servants. There will be grooms, stewards, masters of this and also that. All these an be generalised under the heading Gentleman the the Chamber. Henry VIII had a whole bunch the companions that we went drink with, feasted with and played sports with.

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Writer’s overview to composing Characters: Appearance

Characters. Beloved components of a story but hard come write. In this series we will certainly be experimenting how to produce characters. Us will begin on the outside.

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I am a sucker for pretty eyes. Eyes are the home windows to the soul. Eye Colour deserve to usually denote personal traits. Irradiate eyes because that the good, dark because that the no so good. I don’t believe in this. Eye colour doesn’t have to determine allegiance. Please execute not to speak “her eye were together blue as the sky” or “as green as grass”. If you desire to hint in ~ the sky or grass, usage shades.


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Long? Straight? Curly? Brown? Blonde? Black? Green? A hairdresser when told me you have the right to tell a lot around a person from their hair. Tied ago into pony tails or knots is typically for hard working or action girls. Hair under or carefully tended you may imply a vain or neat character. Choppy and uneven hair generally portrays someone as uncomfortable in their skins.


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What clothing would your character chose? Something simple and practical? other extravagant? would a character feel comfortable in a pair the ratty jeans or a sophisticated suit or sphere gown? clothing say a lot about somebody and who they are.

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Note Worthy Shit

So my time run was 4 years in a fantasy setup the year/to year and also a half time duration of the first, second and 3rd covered wars, betrayals, intrigues, alliances and murders. Every well and good. I pick up four years later to write much more of the stuff. But hold the phone. What occurred in between? ns did no know. Oops. If nothing happened from then till the present, it would have made zero sense. This is a human being of treacherous courts, strength plays and also wars. Castle hardly had 4 years the peace and also chilling. I had actually to develop wars and plots, produce issues. Ask you yourself what happened in between your allude A and also B.


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Minor jumps like days or weeks deserve to be spanned in chapters or even a few sentences. As in v a lengthy one, make sure to know what happens during this time period. Do a list and then describe away the jump.


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