For years I’ve been on the search for a decadent tasting, classic macaroni and cheese that’s short in calories and also fat. So numerous recipes finished up in the trash. I was around to give up once I realized for years I’d to be making a boxed recipe because that my kids and also it was a tiny healthier. In enhancement to the package of cheese indigenous the box, I’d include reduced-fat butter rather of regular, reduced-fat milk and add a tiny reduced-fat cheese. Every one of a sudden a light pear went off! I can doctor increase a totality grain box by adding all healthy ingredients and make it also cheesier and also a little gourmet! The outcomes are a dreamy, cheesy, rich-tasting mac and also cheese! The skinny for 1 serving, 283 calories, 6 grams the fat, 5 grams that fiber and 7 Blue WW Freestyle SmartPoints, and also 8 Green.

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 My entire family loves this recipe and also I expect yours walk too!

Prep Time: 12 minutesCook Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for Macaroni:

! (6oz) box totality Grain Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

¼ cup reduced-fat cottage cheese or fat-free ricotta cheese

¼ cup reduced-fat milk

3 tablespoons reduced-fat cheddar cheese

1 tablespoon reduced-fat butter or clever Balance Light

1¼ chopped tomatoes, grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, drainpipe liquid

Ingredients for Crumb Topping:

1 part multigrain bread or totality wheat bread, I choose Milton’s

1 tespoon reduced-fat butter or clever Balance Light


1. Chef macaroni follow to parcel directions yet cook al dente. Collection aside the parcel of cheese to include later.

2. To do the bread crumbs: Toast the bread. Include to a blender and also pulse to make crumbs.

3. If macaroni is cooking, in a little pan or pot, melt 1 tespoon of reduced-fat butter. Include bread crumbs and also mix come coat.

4. Drainpipe macaroni. Include back come pot and mix in the parcel of cheese from the box, head cheese or ricotta cheese, milk, cheddar cheese and 1 tablespoon butter. Mix well. Stir in the tomatoes. Eliminate from heat.

5. Coat a 9 x 9” pan with cooking spray. Include the macaroni and cheese and spread evenly.Sprinkle v bread crumbs evenly end the top. Set aside until simply ready to serve.

5. Once ready come serve, collection the broiler rack ~ above the 2nd line, not the an extremely top. Preheat broiler. Ar under broiler and cook till bread crumbs are golden brown. Keep an eye on the so it no burn.

6. Eliminate from oven, reduced into 4 squares. Using a spatula, remove each serving onto a plate.

Makes 4 servings (about 1 cup each)

Food FactsThe specific origin that macaroni and also cheese is unknown, though it most most likely hails from northern Europe, through the earliest recognized recorded recipe being scribbled down in 1769. A clip of American cuisine, the creamy combo make its way to the United states courtesy of thomas Jefferson, if visiting France. He dropped in love through the fashionable pasta dishes offered there.

Kraft foods items introduced its boxed macaroni and cheese in 1937 as soon as America was in the throes that the great Depression. The product can serve 4 because that 19 cents. The firm sold 8 million boxes of that quick-and-easy macaroni and cheese in a year!

Healthy BenefitsSwitching to totality grain pasta is much much better for you. Girlfriend may also prefer the heartier taste. Each serving has actually 5 grams the fiber.

Reduced-fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese is short in fat, calories, and also cholesterol. The a very an excellent source of vitamin B12 and also calcium.

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Shopping TipsHappily boxed Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is now available using entirety grain pasta. Many supermarkets market it in the very same section wherein the box of classic mac and cheese are displayed.

WW SmartPoints 8-BlueWW SmartPoints 8-GreenWW clues PLUS 7

SKINNY FACTS: for 1 serving (~1 cup)283 calories, 6g fat, 11g protein, 46g carbs, 5g fiber, 605mg sodium, 7g sugar
FACTS: because that SmartPoints273 calories, 0g sat. Fat, 7g sugar, 11g protein