Enya’s “Only Time” is a smooth and also soothing song. However if you’re over a certain age, it will most likely bring ago one very details association: 9/11. So the seems favor an odd track for these short Kraft Macaroni & Cheese spots, wherein parents battle to gain their kids to eat dinner before the kiddos blissfully devour part Blue Box. I guess irony was what they were going because that though, prefer its intake in Volvo’s widely-viewed and critically acclaimed “Epic Split.” and also now I’m the town hall “Epic Split.” Haha…good stuff.

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EER says:

I was on my method into occupational at 4th and Broadway top top September 11, 2001, and after that saw photos of the missing on the street and in the train station, and, yes, the track is evocative, and also when ns hear the I acquire nauseous, tears pertained to my eyes and that will always be the case. Kraft has controlled to tie among the worst days come macaroni and cheese. Scrape that off my menu.

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N says:
Mare T says:

Thanks come all that posted about the sad, evocative result of Kraft using this song. Every time ns hear it, ns feel sick. Wouldn’t think of purchase or eating Kraft commodities anymore. The tune was more than likely approved through someone too young to remember 9/11 plainly . . . Or maybe someone from one more country.

Ernest Howard says:
#ing eardrums and also I agree through most civilization here, destructive song for an even disastrous tv ad, when I to be these youngsters age if any of my 3 brother or ns complained around the food or acted increase it was straight to bed after dinner and also my dad stand by v a belt or a switch (not the video game console) and you ate every little bit of food served and washed all the dishes, children these days must knock this entitled actions shit off!!! and also shame top top the parents because that buying right into this BS, this is why the world is on its method with a first-class one-way ticket to HELL!!!

One critical thing, ns thought southern Park to be mocking the product by calling it Kraft Dinner, I have to say after finding out of this ns noticed it right there on the box after all these years I never noticed it- much more like “Krap Dinner”