King Midas’ golden Touch, periodically referred to as King Midas and the golden Touch, is the classic tale the a greedy king that learns a valuable lesson about the essential things in life.

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A quick Synopsis that King Midas’ golden TouchAccording to legend, King Midas to be a an extremely rich king; that had an ext gold than any type of other king in the world. King Midas likewise had a valuable daughter called Marigold, yet nothing was more precious to him 보다 his shiny, yellow gold, and also so he wished for much more of it.

One day, while the king was counting his money, a fairy boy showed up before him. The fairy assured Midas that he had much more gold 보다 anyone, however still the king want more. He claimed that “gold is the best and also most wonderful thing in the world.” The fairy available to grant him one wish. King Midas wished that every little thing he touched would revolve to beautiful, yellow gold. The fairy warned that having this gift would certainly not make him happy, however the king walk not watch the threats in it.

The following morning, King Midas eagerly awoke to inspect if the fairy’s promise had come true. He touch his bed and, certain enough, the bed turned come gold. Then, he touch the chair and also the table, and those as well turned come gold. The king was delighted through his magic gift.

Later, when the king was hungry, that tried to drink water and eat his bread. As his lips touch the water, it turned come gold, so he might not drink. The bread additionally turned to gold in his hands, therefore he could not eat. Marigold ran in native the garden to greet the king and also when she embraced him, she immediately turned into a golden statue.

King Midas to be filled through dread as he realized what he had done. Every one of the happiness he felt as soon as he first received his gift was now gone. He referred to as on the fairy and begged him to take away the dreadful gift. He pleaded because that the fairy to take far everything, as lengthy as he gave ago his daughter. The fairy asked the king if that still thought gold was the best thing in the world, however the king had actually learned his lesson. When the fairy was satisfied, he recommend the king to go to the spring in the garden, fill a pitcher through water, and also sprinkle every little thing the king had actually touched. Midas rushed come the spring and quickly sprinkled his daughter’s head with the water. Instantly, she went back to normal, offering her father a kiss. The king sprinkled the food and also sat v his daughter to eat – much much more appreciative that the good food and firm of his daughter.

Essential questions for King Midas’ gold Touch

Is King Midas a negative person? Why or why not?Do you think civilization learn from their mistakes? Why or why not?How does greed develop problems for people?
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