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Genre: Simulation, Life development Sim Developer: Vivendi Universal games Publisher: Vivendi global Interactive ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: march 27, 2003

Go to unlock (Tendaguru Beds). Then walk to unlock (Hell Creek formation A). Next go purchase 2 hacharys. Then make 1 Acrocanthosaurus in one hachary and make the Allosaurus in the various other hachary. Make them. Last, Acrocanthosaurus constantly wins!

To get some T-Rex DNA, unlock Judith RiverFormation B and put your dig teams there. Theywill discover T-Rex remains.

Spinosaurus constantly go on a rampage sooner orlater. Be all set to death one and hatch a newone. Never put an ext than one Spinosaurus in acage. If you do, one will go top top a rampage in thefirst couple of months. Never ever put a Spinosaurus in withother large carnivores. The Spinosaurus or theother kind of dinosaur will certainly go ~ above a rampage.

Shoot the Raptors first. Then, run fast andescape. Once they are all dead, take the end theSpinosaurus and then any kind of desired dinosaur.

If girlfriend want much more people come visit your park, buildfour or 5 entrances on all different sides.Enable the "Seal that Approval" code to gain fivestars. Placed as countless entrances together you can, thenopen her park. The chopper must appearinstantly, and also lots of world should to walk throughthe entrance.Create a no enclosure safari (still fencing offcarnivores). Place a huge square fence aroundthe area where human being arrive in the space. Fillit through dinosaurs that perform not eat humans, thencreate a small gap in the fence to let humanspass through. Place musters over there to stopdinosaurs crossing. Top top the other side of thefence, continue building a fenced-off dinosaurpark. If done correctly, your star rating willkeep going up.

Never build a Safari Adventure in your T-Rexcage. The tourists inside of the vehicle will notlive also long.Never put much more than one T-Rex in one cage. Onewill it is in killed and the various other badly injured; andthe visitors around the cage will obtain scared todeath. This expenses you a most money, because that the T-Rexes and the fines.

To conserve a little money, develop a small enclosurearound a hatchery. As soon as you flower a dinosaur,sedate it, and also move it come its cage.Build your concessions and also park entrances insidea fence. Then, operation a fence with the middle ofthe land and make part hatcheries. Also, placed someAuto Lures near the fence therefore that people can seethe dinosaurs. This conserves time and money, together youdo not construct individual cages.

Hit R1, UP, R1, RIGHT, L1, down (P. S . ) do It while playing and like that, friend will have actually 100% DNA because that excavated dinosaurs!

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;create a back-up copy of the file before proceeding. Use a texteditor to modify the "constant. Ini" paper in the "universalinteractivelue tongue softwarejurassic park procedure genesisjpogdata"folder. Locate the "ParkStartPlayerMoney? " entrance andchange its value to $999, 999, 999 or greater.

While play a game, organize L1 + R1 and repeatedly insanity Up, Down, Up, Down. One ofyour safari cars will blow up.

While play a game, host L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and repeatedly insanity Up. Yourdinosaurs will never gets sick now.

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