Before 1894, pencils sharpeners were big and heavy, so delivering it around was a big issue. Part were mounted on the walls of a class room, while part were put on the desk, regardless of the truth that these old institution revolving sharpeners looked super cool and also perplexing, they were cumbersome. A travelling writer or college student couldn"t bring it about.

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African-American inventor man Lee Love changed the way we check out pencil sharpeners in 1894 when he created the "Love Sharpener," the portable hand wrenched sharpener that peppers a many student"s backpacks right up it rotates the existing day.

According come history, john Lee Love to be a black color American carpenter and inventor. The was ideal known almost everywhere the human being for inventing a portable pencil sharpener recognized as the "Love Sharpener", named after him.


Little is known around the childhood life of john Lee Love, the innovator that the portable pencil sharpener. The is approximated that he was born part time amid the recreation time frame in between 1865 come 1877. Love in his later days functioned as a carpenter in the community of autumn River, Massachusetts.

He applied for a patent for a portable pencil sharpener in 1897. His application determined that his development was one "enhanced gadget" that might serve as a paperweight or trimming. The design was straightforward, consisting of a hand wrench and also a compartment to catch the pencil shavings. In man Lee Love"s creation, the pencil is put right into the opened of the sharpener and also pivoted by hand. That was referred to conversationally together the "Love Sharpener."

The diagram of a sharpener

The sharpener has been in continuous use since it was first produced. In spite of the fact that we"ve since seen the electric sharpener end up being an integral factor, the Love Sharpener continues to be applicable for its conveyability and simplicity. Anybody deserve to convey this tiny device in their pocket or your backpack. Love"s sharpener was patented top top November 23, 1897 and till date, that is quiet the many popular and also most utilized all over throughout the world.

The distinctive thing about this small tool dubbed Love Sharpener is that it have the right to be integrated with any kind of kind the packaging; the Love Sharpener have the right to be spruced up and also elegant, rough, or smooth and basic, depending upon how one chooses to manufacture the sharpener"s packaging.


The pencil sharpener was not John Lee Love"s very first invention, in 1895, he made and also patented an boosted plasterer"s hawk, provided by plasterers and bricklayers. Love"s design included a separable handle and a foldable aluminum board, making it convenient and lightweight. Be that together it may, the pencil sharpener to be Love"s best and also most successful invention.

Unfortunately, Love sudden death took ar on December 26, 1931, he died alongside nine other travelers, once the car they to be traveling in collided v a train close to Charlotte, north Carolina.

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But every the same, his creation because 1895 is quiet popularly used by kids to improve writing and also equally used by artist to boost drawing. Next time you"re sharpening your pencil, stop for a minute to acknowledge John Lee Love"s work, for he was the one the made that feasible because that sharpeners to it is in conveyed around in pockets and backpacks.