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I am putting a new drive belt on my GT235 and also from what I have the right to tell I need to remove the PTO clutch in stimulate to obtain the belt ~ above the pulley-block on the engine. I"ve gained the bottom half of the clutch off yet can not obtain the top fifty percent off. I don"t recognize what I"m doing dorn - any type of suggestions? many thanks for your assist - Pete

usually ~ above the vertical shaft motors the PTO come off with one bolt. An impact wrench functions quickest.
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I acquired the bolt out through no problem and also with a pulley puller I got the bottom half off the the clutch. I have the right to not obtain the upper half off v the sheave puller. I"ve do the efforts hitting it v a hammer to ease it cranking on the pulley puller. Ns thought about heating it with a torch however I carry out not want to damage the clutch plus ns don"t have actually a torch. - Pete

You shouldn"t need to remove the PTO clutch to readjust the belt. Leastways I changed mine there is no doing it.Make certain you correctly torque the bolt that goes through the PTO assembly into the crankshaft when you reassemble it. They are recognized to back out, and can bitterly the threads and also damage the PTO if it works its way loosened while the engine is running.
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So how do you adjust the belt there is no removing the clutch?I have actually a GT235 and also the belt is damaged and also needs to it is in replaced. I"ve gotten rid of the bolt come the clutch yet it won"t budge. I"ve pce it through PB Blaster a few times and beat top top it for a couple days and it"s not moving.Also, wherein does the feather tensioner affix for the journey belt? Mine dropped off and also luckily stayed on the deck. I can see where it attached come the 2 pulleys the move yet where on the mower does the attach?Thanks!Mark

You most certainly do not should remove the PTO to adjust the belt. It would certainly make it slightly easier, yet with the difficulties your having obtaining it off it would be much less complicated to just slide that over.As because that the tensioner spring, it attaches to one of the holes in the frame. Look for the feet that has some repaint worn away on the side pointing come the tensioner - that"s whereby the spring goes. If i can obtain out there tonight, I"ll take it a pic and also show you.
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Thanks, looking at it ns didn"t think of do the efforts to slip the belt turn off without taking the clutch out...I"ll shot tonight. I guess it just seems there"s too much stuff there however I"ll give it a try.I"ll grab some lock tite as well so i don"t loose the bolt. Ns think I can run it there is no the bolt (don"t issue I won"t :bonk: )
According to the technological manual, not crucial to remove the PTO, only the PTO cable. Moving the tensioner - component #20 is what you have to do. Allow me know if you need additional help.

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I have a pair questions about that clutch. In every due respect, ns don"t see exactly how the belt will ever loosen up enough to slip end the clutch. It appears the clutch does need to come off. Mine tractor has the Kawasaki motor if that makes any type of differance. If ns take the #20 part (bolt) out and also use a 8" puller to obtain the cluch off, how difficult will it be to placed the clutch ago on? go the #20 bolt turn counterclockwise to loosen and also should it be locktighted ago on?Thanks for every the help. You guys are great!
Re: just how Do I remove GT235 drive Belt
Here"s how to take off the key drive belt that connects the electric clutch top top the prior of the tractor to the pully under the pan at the earlier of the tractor. To remove it, using a visegrip, remove the stress spring to relax the pressure on the belt. Referring to the Belt Drive and Idlers schematic at, ease the 2 pulleys (#24) and the #18 Idler the the belt winds through. Eliminate the #24 pully closest come the prior of the tractor therefore the #23 (Angle) is out of the way. The others you don"t have to take turn off as lengthy as you can obtain the belt turn off them.Unplug the electrical link to the clutch. Take turn off the steering arm at the former of the tractor being mindful not to change the adjustment of it. At the ago of the tractor, pull the hydraulic reservoir out of the molding that holds that in ar so friend gain access to the cooling fan sitting on optimal of the belt. Don"t disconnect it. This is very tight yet if you with in behind the reservoir, girlfriend can carefully get the loose belt turn off the pulley and move it increase to simply under the fan. A piece of rope looped v the belt help to traction the belt back. Be cautious not to damages the pan blades. The belt is now between the pully and also the fan. V the belt turn off the pully, there will be sufficient slack come then remove the belt from the front pully (#1) and slip it down over the clutch. When off the clutch, place the steering pole to take the belt turn off that. A camera may help you remember how everthing goes. Next complete working the belt up and over the cooling pan in the ago and pull it out. Download the brand-new belt in reverse order.To gain much more room to work approximately that cooling fan, it help to loosen the 4 bolts holding the fenderdeck on. I didn"t eliminate it, just prop the up through a wedge on peak of the tire and it will certainly let you work-related in the earlier a little easier.Good luck. It wasn"t that difficult once girlfriend knew how to execute it.