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My starter has a squeal once spinning down. I have actually removed the external CVT housing cover, gained accessibility to the two starter bolts and removed them, and also cannot see exactly how the starter is going to come up the end of the cavity it is in. I deserve to barely gain my hand down in there. The is in between the engine and also the transmission, through the injection system above it and also the within CVT cover alongside it on one end, and also alternator top top the other end. You re welcome don"t phone call me I need to pull the inner fifty percent of the CVT housing, that means pulling both clutches. Ns guess I require a manual. Can anyone summary what I must do to gain the starter out? Thanks!!!

LVAL22616-UN-01MAY12 A - ClampB - input HoseC - external Clutch CoverLoosen clamp (A) and disconnect intake water tap (B) from outer clutch sheathe (C). Remove 11 lid screws from perimeter of outer clutch cover and remove cover.
LVAL22617-UN-01MAY12 D - water tap ClampE - Coolant TubeF - cap Screws (2 Used)G - GrommetLoosen hose clamp (D) and also disconnect hose from coolant pipe (E). Eliminate cap screws (F) securing coolant pipe to intake manifold.Pull grommet (G) and also throttle cable the end of bracket.Move coolant tube away from intake manifold and also secure it the end of the way. Use treatment not come kink accelerator cable.
LVAL22619-UN-01MAY12 ns - BootJ - NutSlide boot (I) aside. Remove nut and disconnect optimistic cable indigenous starter solenoid. Eliminate nut (J) and also disconnect exciter wire from solenoid.
LVAL22620-UN-01MAY12 K - Starter MotorPull starter (K) away from backplate and let the sleep cone autumn down. Lift starter increase motor end first, through solenoid towards engine, and also maneuver out between intake manifold and transmission together shown.

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THANKS for THE over PROCEDURE !!!I did not discover a coolant drain point anywhere. Checked the usual bottom of the radiator, and various other places. For this reason I opened up the coolant tube (E in over photos) connection and let it flow almost everywhere the place on my machine and shop floor. Then I relocated the tube "E" out of the way, and this did indeed permit removal the the starter. Disassembly the the starter revealed the is a Valeo product (very light duty typically). This starter provides a very
tiny high rate motor and also planetary set to increase torque. The motor obelisk ends room 1/4" and also the "bearings" are little bronze bushings. That is much less robust than part cordless drills I have owned. I can verify the squealing once spinning down, on the bench through a 12 volt battery. I called the dealer and found the end mine is the end of warrantee and a new one costs $249.11. I said no many thanks to that. If a starter is going to last 2 years, it much better cost less than $249, IMO. I disassembled the starter top top the bench!!! and also re-lubed the starter motor end bearings v some hello speed synthetic grease sparingly, re-assembled and also got that to run quiet and also smooth. Then ns wondered "how long will it job-related this way?". Then ns remembered the lot of work it to be to gain it out, consisting of the coolant device involvement. I determined that if ns was walk to take it a possibility on this re-lubed starter, and also possibly having actually to pull the starter regularly to organization it to save it going, I much better simplify the removal process. So i am in the process of re-routing the cooling system that provided to happen thru that tube "E", rather now it is to path thru every rubber hose, so when I should remove the starter I can flex the hose out of my way, thus saving draining the coolant every time. This should cut a lot of initiative off the r&r of the starter. Young is this device tight to work-related on. The ago side of my right hand has several days worth of scabs and also scratches from functioning in this very tight area.