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Background come those who may read yet don"t know about this. Your clock spring is simply a flat ribbon wiring harness the is wound choose a feather in her steering wheel, it has slack in that and permits the wheel to revolve while your steering controls, waiting bag, etc... Space all still connected. Therefore it"s just a ribbon wiring harness within really. It likewise has a steering angle sensor combined that speak the Jeep exactly how much you"re transforming and how conveniently (for ESP), these must be properly focused or you"ll traction the wire and also break connections and also / or have actually a jeep that doesn"t know when the wheel is really straight.Back come my problem : quick Story, took out my Steering equipment Box (Going Hydro Assist, yeah!) and although I had a bungee on my steering wheel to store the wheel centered, it came off while i was fighting with the drag / link and pitman eight removal so, I have now lost it"s relation to the clock spring and potentially the Steering edge Sensor... Yes, I understand that as soon as I reconnect come the steering crate that i can facility the wheels then... But I think I"ll still gain errors if the steering wheel and clock feather / SAS space out the sync and... I can or maybe already have damaged the wiring in the clock feather by over prolonging it when attempting to find center. However, i tried to it is in gentle knowing that this might happen.So, I have actually a couple of questions :#1 : everyone know exactly how to properly examine continuity the the clock feather wires? In theory, if i didn"t beat it up too badly trial and error it, they will still be good. But if there is a reasonable method to test, it would certainly be better to execute it currently so I deserve to replace the if it"s damaged prior to putting everything back together.#2 : Anybody know the correct procedure to recenter the clock spring? I"ve heard top top the XJ the it"s simply that you revolve it clockwise gently until tight, then ago off 2.5 turns and also then facility it straight.

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Sounds favor this need to work ~ above the JK as well, think we have actually 3.5 transforms lock to lock therefore this would give it one more turn before it access time the suggest where the wires are being stretched, sounds reasonable to me.#3 : critical of all, any kind of simple method to test the steering edge sensor, probably read voltages or resistance? I"ve heard the procal deserve to do this through beeping when centered however I don"t have one. A buddy does, deserve to I use this on my JK or is that VIN coded come his Jeep like the Programmers?Anybody with suffer out there? I"d love to hear about it, thx.