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All cool Cherokee WJ collection models (1999-2004) and the new WK series (2005-2010) function a real estate for environment of a cabin waiting filter. No models have ever before come with the filter as standard, it should be purchased together a Mopar aftermarket accessory and installed under the front cowl. The filter permits a circulation of unrestricted new air into the passenger cabin.

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The cabin filter is a very worthwhile accessory. It clears solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria native the air. Driving a vehicle with a clogged cabin air filter from dirt and debris substantially reduces the amount and also quality of approximately air that can get in the interior and over time have the right to lead to musty odors in your car as well as decreased HVAC performance. Mopar Cabin wait Filters remove up come 80% of particles one micron or larger. For reference, the human being eye cannot detect particles under 20 to 25 microns.

The filter is conveniently installed under the cowl cover on the passenger side, available from under the hood. Once installed, all exterior air coming with the AC/Heater vents is filtered. Because that installation, the factory inlet cover is discarded and the filter housing and also filter set up in the place.

To store cabin air quality at the best, filters must be replaced generally once a year or every 15,000 miles. Filters have the right to be changed at 2 years/24,000 mile if largely used in a cleaner setting (less driving on dusty roads and also trails because that example). Regularly an altering cabin air filters likewise can reduce build-up of debris and bacteria ~ above the evaporator main point of her car’s waiting conditioning and also ventilation system, maximizing the life of the system. Cabin air filters stop many airborne particles, and also to some extent are qualified of reducing gentle odors.


Location the cabin wait filter (under hood, passenger side), presented without the filter cover installed.Note: 1999-2004 model shown, 2005-up WK filter is in very same location

WJ & WK cabin waiting filter parts
Part name: “Cabin waiting Kit”(1999-2010)Part number: 82208300(supersedes 82204691)List price: $67.45
Part name: “Replacement filter”(1999-2010)Part number: 5013595AB(supersedes 5013595AA)List price: $75.96

(Prices detailed are for reference objectives only and may differ by dealer. MSRP price are existing as that October 2012. Components are not available from this internet site.)

Cabin filter installation


Note: Installation can be done WITHOUT removed the wiper arms:

1. Open hood.

2. Understand the rubber cowl weatherstrip on the passenger side and also pull it outward to remove it to about halfway across the firewall.

3. The cowl cover can now be lifted up enough to with in and remove the old plastic waiting inlet cover indigenous the firewall. There room plastic tabs that host the cover in place (see photo below). Pull the end the thin side very first which has actually the solitary clip. You then rock the cover earlier and forth to complimentary up the center “rosebud” fasteners. Or, per the factory instructions friend can cut out the plastic tabs that hold the rosebuds in place. Remove the cover and discard, it will not it is in reinstalled. If there is any type of dirt or debri inside the filter area this would certainly be a an excellent time to clean it out.

4. Insert the brand-new plastic filter real estate into the inlet opening and fasten it in place. Download the filter right into the housing, inserting it very closely so that it does no bend too much as that is somewhat of a tight fit.

5. Download the filter cover over the filter. I had actually to bend/squeeze the height plastic locking tabs with each other a small in order for it to continue to be in place much more firmly.

6. Placed the plastic cowl fasteners back in place and also make sure they space firmly seated. Re-install the rubber weatherstrip seal and you’re done!


Factory waiting inlet cover, former and ago views. This item is removed and also eliminated when installing the cabin air filter. The 2 “rosebuds” shown are the plastic fasteners that aid secure the grill cover to the firewall.


There are 3 plastic clips that hold the sides of the original manufacturing facility inlet cover in place, two on the broad end (shown above) and also one on the small end.

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Vehicle air top quality study

A study conducted by California’s South coastal Air Quality management District found that air inside a auto may have up come 10 time the pollutants of external air. Little particles of these pollutants, which include exhaust fumes, road dust, tree pollen and mold spores, go into a car’s interior by means of the vehicle’s heating, wait conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system. Once inside, castle become component of the air friend breathe. Through a cabin air filter, 90% of this contaminants have the right to be prevented indigenous entering your car’s interior.