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Chime right in! (no registration req"d)-----"Is worn silverware a health and wellness Hazard"2005The silver plating on our flatware is showing signs of use... Number of places have been worn come the allude of revealing a steel underneath, i m sorry looks yellowish (maybe bronze?). I read somewhere that fried food baskets expose some type of harmful steel when the chrome plating wears thin. Carry out you suppose every little thing metal is being revealed in ours flatware poses a health and wellness hazard ?Howard W Consulting - Springfield, Missouri^
2005A. I"m confident that the exposure the the base steel of silverware is harmless, Howard; yet the usual nickel-silver base metal (which has no silver and also has a really slightly yellow color) have the right to have a "taste". My very own silverware has actually been that means most of mine life and also I simply endure it fairly than the effort and also expense of getting it replated :-)Sorry, ns don"t recognize quite what you"re alluding to about chrome plated fried food baskets, however I personally don"t think they"re a considerable danger either. Based on thousands the rather similar letters we"ve received, Maslow"s prediction was reportedly wrong -- as soon as our most obvious safety needs are met, us don"t necessarily move in the direction the transcendence; quite we have tendency to focus on smaller safety issues. Car dealers couldn"t market seat belts because that $10 once I started driving, and now the variety of airbags in a automobile has come to be a vital selling point. I guess it"s our nature :-)Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Alohabeer-selection.com - jaw Beach, brand-new Jersey^2005Ted, friend haven"t been nippin" off the jug that homemade hooch have actually ya?Sheldon Taylorsupply chain electronicsWake Forest, north Carolina^2005I frequently nip off the jug once I"m functioning late at night here, back it"s equipments Mark, not homemade. I didn"t think i was being weird, Sheldon, back a bit obtuse: Maslow provided that it is impossible to enjoy a symphony while dying of starvation or v a pistol come our head. Just after lower level requirements like "safety needs" room met have the right to our attention climb to the following level the the pyramid, and so on.But seeing a never-ending present of letters right here every day where human being are worried around what appears to be ever smaller wellness risks, I"m just thinking that probably it isn"t possible to rise above concern end safety demands after all. Okay, maybe just a little weird :-)Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohabeer-selection.com - pine tree Beach, brand-new Jersey^
2005Gee whiz, another pseudo intellectual. If friend must... Maslow has nothing to execute with it. Occam"s Razor would certainly be a an ext appropriate metaphor. Anyone in the home is a little ill and also we space eliminating possible causes one through one.I daresay that also those that have completed the peak of self-actualization... Having actually been take away ill would have them look further back down the pyramid for the cause.Howard W- Springfield, Missouri, USA^
2005All conceded, Howard, and very sorry the you and also your household aren"t feeling well !But 18 years experience running this forum has actually proven the readers don"t respond to summary inquiries choose your initial one, together opposed to your fleshed-out personalized follow-up. As device operator ns don"t let our forum degenerate into just a lengthy list the unanswered questions, therefore I do anything I can to keep the object alive when no one rather is responding, including philosophizing.Surely you watch that human being express issue and shot to assist when you note that the family members is ill, conversely, they leaving the concern unanswered when it"s posted together an summary proposition there is no of any kind of context -- that"s why us pointedly and continuously ask human being to please article their actual situation. Feel far better soon.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohabeer-selection.com - jaw Beach, new Jersey^2005Howard, have actually you request a physician if over there is any method to test because that a high level of trace steels in the blood stream? ns can"t imagine that sufficient material is coming off of the tools to reason a problem but having a doctor examine for it particularly might be able to put the worry to rest. Expect you and the household get to emotion better.Sheldon Taylorsupply chain electronicsWake Forest, north Carolina^2005It appears to me that my toenails are cultivation faster now that I have actually started using Premium gasoline. Is that due to the fact that of the fumes coming from the raisins in the bottom of mine toaster?
Daryl Spindler, CEFdecorative nickel-chrome plating - Greenbrier, Tennessee^2005Daryl - Yes. Ns am shocked, SHOCKED, to hear that you - as a consultant - aren"t conscious of the dangers of raisin infested toasters.
Jim GorsichAccurate Anodizing Inc.
Compton, California, USA
^2005A rapid pH check will give you some insight as to the present status of her water supply, furthermore I would certainly suggest having your medical professional look right into the factors you have been acquiring ill an ext frequently. Have actually you obtained any brand-new pets? Switched diets? Is over there a brand-new industrial tree in town? Think that things favor that, plating coming off of her silverware isn"t going come do any type of damage to you or your household unless the is yes, really old silverware.Marc BanksBlacksmith - Shiloh, north Carolina^2007Excuse my saying so, yet all this a small like little children make a mountain out that a mole hill - much more so Americans who remain children till they room 75 in ~ least. Maslow has nothing to carry out with one obsession that has actually no base. A typical example is the California conventional for steel food containers (Prop64) for lead leaching come be less than 0.1% ( dipped in 4% acetic mountain for 24 hours). The is just ignorance that encourages such standards. As per the thinking behind this standard, all Europeans would die of lead poisoning if their food was served from Silverware! In fact 10 ppm of command leaching would offer someone a headache if they provided the same container for 1000 years.Yet this American obsession that making hills out the molehills even for irregularity issues. An ext than Maslow, it is Mcgreggors theory of hygiene /motivation the would apply here. Ridiculous yet then the end of anything ridiculous good things have the right to occasionally come out- inventions and research and also so on. Allows hope this wake up now and solutions are discovered to tarnishing difficulties for silverware.Deepak Whorrasilver craftwork new Delhi, India^

Ed. Note: Publically criticizing world of a particular race, country, or religion on a public forum have the right to lead to a poor place, Deepak. You"d much better duck :-)2007Heyyyy Ted, A little bit of fun and also knowing the the small American kids have the finest sense of humour is what make me compose that. However humour aside,if over there is a case of illness in the family, then every reasons have to be looked into and also so the inquiry of a ceiling substrate does have actually relevance. But more appropriate, it is a negative water resource - either municipal or pipelines gift rusted or contamination. Being a Silversmith (survived because that generations in this business too), ns am quite confident the the silverware is no responsible. Incidentally my family has offered to royalty an extremely often- - both European and Indian Maharajas.Deepak Whorrasilver craftwork brand-new Delhi, India^
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