Lil twist is a participant on us TV’s ‘Growing increase Hip Hop‘ wherein the young members related to the hip hop industry try to make it on their own. He’s had a bad-boy image yet has reformed self which doesn’t keep Lil Twist the end of trouble in the fact series. Many recently, that gets right into a fight through JoJo Simmons. So that is Lil Twist, and what has he excellent in life? Here’s everything you need to know about the rapper.

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How Old is Lil Twist?

Lil Twist was born ~ above January 11, 1993, in Dallas, Texas. His birth name is Christopher Lynn Moore, and also Lil twisted is currently 27 years old. He started rapping from the period of seven yet got noticed as soon as he opened at a Lil Wayne concert in Tyler, Texas. The young young impressed Lil Wayne in ~ the period of twelve, so lot so, that Cortez and also Wayne flew Lil Twist come a studio in Atlanta to check out if he was as great at recording albums.It significant the end of Lil Twist’s school life and also the beginning of his lab career. Lil twist is a member of Young Money, i beg your pardon is headed by Lil Wayne.

Who room Lil Twist’s Parents?

Lil twist or Christopher Lynn Moore to be born come Stephen L. Gray and Rhonda Moore. It is clear the Lil twisted is indebted to his parents and also made a sweet post around how glad he is because that his mother’s support.

My beautiful mommy Rhonda Moore for having actually me lol, for store me grounded and respectful. And also my brothers Wayne for an altering my life and..

— Lil twist #TeamTwist (
LilTwist) December 10, 2010

Does Lil twist Have any type of Siblings?

Yes, Lil twist does have actually two siblings. He has actually a young brother that goes through the stage name Lil Za. Za’s real name is Xavier Smith and he’s good friends through Justin Bieber. Lil Twist likewise has a younger sister named Crystal McGriff.

What Songs room Lil Twist recognized For?

Lil Twist’s debut single was released when he to be 10 year old. It is dubbed ‘The Texas Twist’ and topped the Dallas graph for six weeks. The rapper complied with this up with a mixtape referred to as ‘The golden Child.’ It offered as a prelude to his debut studio album, ‘Bad Decisions,’ which to be released by Young Money Entertainment.

The same label also released ‘We are Young Money’ and also ‘Young Money: increase of one Empire,’ 2 compilation albums. The former also made it to the number one spot in the us rap charts. Lil Twist has collaborated through rappers choose Lil Wayne and Bow Wow and is a featured guest artist on few of Justin Bieber’s recordings, including ‘Twerk’ and also ‘Wind It.’ The Dallas born rapper has additionally worked v Miley Cyrus top top ‘Do What i Want.’

Does Lil Twist have actually a Girlfriend?

Currently, Lil Twist shows up to be single, or at least he hasn’t put up any kind of posts about having a partner, on social media profiles. However, Lil twisted has been in several relationship in the past, through celebrities prefer Kylie Jenner, back in 2014. He has an lover Twitter exchange with Kylie from ago in the day.

KylieJenner ns love u

— Lil twist #TeamTwist (
LilTwist) July 24, 2014

You can likewise see Lil twisted cozying up v Kylie, in photo posted by kendall Jenner.

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The young rapper does no have any kind of children. Except trying to have actually a job in music, Lil twisted has additionally appeared in movies like ‘Lottery Ticket’ alongside Bow Wow.