Jeff continuous teased that he\"ll be debuting a new character as soon as he provides his method over come SmackDown ~ above October 22. Who will present up?

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after Jeff Hardy suffered a loss come Damian priest on Monday Night Raw, he to be interviewed in the ring and asked if he had actually a blog post for The WWE cosmos as that prepares himself to move over come SmackDown. His an answer was to tease a character readjust that will have actually fans guessing as to what his next procedures are.

Hardy to be played a couple of different characters over his career. From brother Nero to willow the Wisp, it's not clear if Hardy will pull out an old gimmick or debut a brand-new one, however Hardy said fans can expect a \"different side\" that himself.

This is walk to it is in a significant refresh because that Hardy. As he spicy out, he's seen his ups and downs and more recently, he's experienced his fair share the losses. Going come the blue brand and also bringing a new character with him can be specifically what that needs. This can be a last run because that him and WWE creative might provide him a push with an exciting storyline to go with it. The question will be, can WWE obtain behind whatever character the debuts? Or, will certainly it be a situation where the follow-through doesn't live up to the hype?

The different Hardy Characters

pasture the Wisp to be the change ego of Jeff continuous going earlier to his beforehand days in Omega. That character acquired a huge push once the continuous brothers were in TNA and then it almost appeared that might carry the character ago in the bar fight v Sheamus critical year.

brothers Nero was component of the broken Hardy characters and also was really over v TNA fans. The made one appearance once in WWE once Matt Hardy was feuding with Bray Wyatt, but never again after ~ that.

hardy did have a short run together the Immortal Heel, yet it's i can not qualify WWE goes that route with the Charismatic Enigma.


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