Jaime Pressly is an award-winning actress who is widely known for her function as happiness Turner in the TV collection My name is Earl. Pressly right now stars together Jill kendall alongside Anna Faris in CBS's fight comedy collection Mom.


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The at an early stage life that Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly was born top top July 30, 1977, in Kinston, north Carolina, in the United says to Brenda Sue (nee Smith) and also James Liston Pressly. Jaime’s mother was a dance instructor, while her father was a automobile salesman.

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How old is Jaime Pressly? The actress is 42 years old. She began living in California when her parents moved to Costa Mesa, California from phibìc Carolina In 1992. Jaime Pressly family members was a middle-class family of five.

Educational background

Jaime Pressly trained in dance and also gymnastics for virtually 11 years. She to visit Costa Mesa High institution in California. She dropped the end of school to concentrate on her modelling career.


Jaime Pressly's career took off when was she 13 years old. She started her career as a design in her regional community. She career blossomed so quick that by the age of 14, she was currently a cover girl for teenager Magazine.


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She to be legally emancipated from her parents at period 15 for she to have the ability to travel come Japan for modelling engagements as soon as her parents were unable to accompany her.

Jaime Pressly warm body played a huge a role in her effective modelling career. She featured in march 1998 and also February 2004 execution of Playboy Magazine. She also appeared in Allure magazine's might 2006 Issue.

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In 1997, Jaime Pressly's acting career began with being an extra in the movie Mercenary. Since then, she has actually acted in over 60 productions. She landed she career-changing role of happiness Turner in NBC's sitcom My name is Earl in 2015.

Pressly did not automatically give up modelling for acting; she worked in both sectors for numerous years. In 2001, Jaime Pressly was made spokesmodel because that Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and its happy You fragrance. In 2003, Pressly released her lingerie line called J'aime i beg your pardon later ended up being a complete sleepwear and ready-to-wear line.


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Pressly right now plays an alcoholic socialite called Jill kendall in the American sitcom Mom. She has additionally featured in music videos and a video clip game. Jamie Pressly movies and TV shows incorporate the following:

Jamie Pressly movies

Mercenary (1996): This movie was the actress' very first acting gig. She play an extra defined as a pre-teen American girl. Poison Ivy: The new Seduction (1997): She play the role of Violet in the movie.The Journey: Absolution (1997): She acted together Alisson Wade.Against the legislation (1997): She played Sally, the waitress. Can't hardly Wait (1998): She played Girlfriend No.1Ringmaster (1998): She acted together Angel.Inferno (1999): She played the function of Dottie Mathews.100 girl (2000): She acted as Cynthia.Poor White girls (2000): She play the duty of Sandy Lake.Not one more Teen Movie (2001): She played the function of Priscilla in the film. Her portrayal the Priscilla earned her a Teen an option Award nomination.Ticker (2001): She acted as Claire Manning in the movie.Joe dust (2001): She played the duty of Jill.Tomcats (2001): She shown a character named Tricia in the film.Demon Island (2002): She played Tina. Torque (2004): She played a character named China in the 2004 film.Death to the Supermodels (2005): She played a character named Tiffany Courtney. She is additionally one that the producer of this film.Bachelor Party Vegas(2006): She acted as herself.Doa! Dead or alive (2006): She play Tina ArmstrongHorton Hears a that (2008): She play a character called Mrs Quiligan in the animated movie.I Love You male (2009): She played Denise Mclean.6 Month dominion (2010): She acted together Claire in the movie.The Oogieloves in the big Balloon Adventure (2012): She voiced the character named Lola Sombrero.A Haunted home 2 (2014): MeganMaking The rule (2014): Jamie Pressly was among the executive producers of this film. She portrayed the lead character, Abb, with R&B singer Robin Thicke playing the supporting role as Shaun.Austin uncovered (2017): She played decision Clemens.

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TV series

Push (1998): She featured in eight illustration of the collection as Nikki Lang.Silk Stalkings (1998): She acted together Kara Delaney in the series.Night guy (1998): She played Yvette in the series.Mortal Kombat: conquest (1998–99): She acted together Mika in the TV series.Jack & Jill (1999–01): She played Audrey Griffin in 33 episodes.Going to California (2001): She play Kylie Guartz.Charmed (2002): She played the role of Mylie.The Twilight zone (2002): She acted together Sensuous Cindy.Fastlane (2003): She featured as Sara Matthews in the series.Becker (2003): She depicted a character named Grace.Happy family (2004): She plot in eight episodes as Alex.Entourage (2005): She played herself.My surname Is Earl (2005–09): She played Joy Turner, one of the main personalities of the show. Las vegas (2006): She play Kerry Kowalski in the episode titled Coyote Ugly.Rules of Engagement (2010): She played Pam Milton in 2 episodes.Raising hope (2011–13): She play the function of Donna.I hate My Teenage Daughter (2011–13): She depicted Annie Watson in 13 episodes of the show.Two and also a fifty percent Men (2013): She featured together Tammy in 2 episodes the the series.Phineas and also Ferb (2013):She voiced a character called Rosie.Melissa & Joey (2013): She play Meredith in the episode titled, A brand-new Kind that Christmas.Hot in Cleveland (2014): She plot as Kelly in the TV show.Jennifer falls (2014): She play Jennifer Doyle in 10 illustration of the show. Mom (2014–present): She joined the series in its second season and also has been playing the duty of Jill Kendall since then.The Guest publication (2017): She depicted Christy.BoJack Horseman (2018): She voiced the character Sadie in the series.
jaimepresslySource: InstagramBest Actress (2000): She action the function of Karen Kroll in the TV production.The Johnny Chronicles (2002): She shown the character, Charlie.Evel Knievel (2004): She play Linda Bork in the TV movie.The Karate DogAshley (2004): She acted together Ashley Wilkenson.Rex (2009): She play Jaime in the short TV movie.Smoke screen (2010): Britt ShelleyLivin' top top a Prayer (2010):She acted together Steph.Beauty & the Briefcase (2010): She play the function of Kate WhiteBad girl (2012): She play the character Melindain the TV series.The best Footie Ads ever before (2012): She play the character Deneice.Finders holder (2014): She play Alyson Simon in the TV movie.

She voiced the character, Jessica Parish in a 2000 video clip game, Saints row 2. She has likewise featured in music videos by Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band, Marilyn Manson, Youngbloodz, Aron Lowenstein and also Michael Bublé.

Jaime Pressly awards and nominations

Jaime Pressly has actually been nominated because that 17 awards so far in she career and also has won five of those awards.

Golden Globes Awards

In 2008 she to be nominated for best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion photo Made for tv for her portrayal of delight Turner in the TV collection My surname Is Earl.

Primetime Emmy Awards

In 2006 she was nominated for exceptional Supporting Actress in a Comedy collection for her portrayal of happiness Turner in My name Is Earl.

Denver Film movie critics Society

In 2010 Jamie together with her castmates, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, J.K. Simmons, jane Curtin and also Jon Favreau in the movie i Love You male were nominated because that DFCS best Acting Ensemble Award.

Gold Derby Awards

She was nominated because that TV Breakthrough Performer of the Year in 2006.In 2006 she won Gold Derby TV compensation Comedy supporting Actress for her portrayal the the character delight Turner in My name Is Earl.In 2007 she obtained Gold Derby TV compensation Comedy sustaining Actress nomination because that her duty in My name Is Earl.

Monte-Carlo TV Festival

In 2007 she won gold Nymph awards for impressive Actress in a Comedy Series.
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MTV Movie & TV Awards

In 2002 she to be nominated for ideal Line compensation for she line "Oh, it's currently been broughten!" in Not an additional Teen Movie.

Online film & tv Association

In 2007 she won the compensation for best Supporting Actress in a Comedy series for her role in My surname Is Earl.In 2006 she winner the award for best Supporting Actress in a Comedy series for her power in My name Is Earl.

Satellite Awards

In 2007 she to be nominated for finest Actress in a Supporting role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion photo Made for television for her work-related in My name Is Earl.

Screen actors Guild Awards

In 2007 she obtained a nomination for outstanding Performance by a Female gibbs in a Comedy collection for her power in My surname Is Earl.In 2006 she to be nominated for outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy series for her duty in My name Is Earl. She shared with she co-stars Jason Lee Eddie, Steeples Ethan and Suplee Nadine Velazquez.

Teen an option Awards

In 2008 she obtained a nomination for selection TV Actress: Comedy because that her duty in My surname Is Earl.In 2006 she to be nominated for an option Actress in Comedy for her performance in My name Is Earl.In 2002 she to be nominated Teen choice Award's an option Breakout power by an Actress for her power in Not an additional Teen Movie.

Jaime Pressly relationships and marriage

Who is Jaime Pressly husband? Jaime Pressly husband to be entertainment lawyer Simran Singh. Jamie and Simran gained married top top September 26, 2009 ~ above a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean inside Richard Clark's heritage in Malibu, California.

They were married because that over a year before the actress filed for divorce in 2011, citing irreconcilable differences.

Before acquiring married to Singh, the actress date celebrity DJ Eric Calvo for part years. The two met in 1996; lock were simply friends for 7 years till 2004 once they began dating. They got involved in 2006 after ~ Jaime ended up being pregnant.

She gave birth to her very first child, Dezi James Calvo, in may 2007. The pair separated in November 2008. Pressly is at this time with her permanent boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi; the two have twin boys together.

Jaime Pressly babies to be born in October 2017. The pair were called Leo and Lenon Hijazi. Jaime Pressly now has actually three children.

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How much is Jaime Pressly worth?

Jaime Pressly net worth is approximated to it is in 25 million dollars. She has made she fortune native her work-related as one actor, model and producer.

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

There are numerous actors in Hollywood who might easily pass together twins. One such combination of gibbs is Jaime Pressly and Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie. Although Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly have a to mark resemblance, they room not associated at all.

Though the stars share comparable facial features, their differences are more than your similarities. Jaime Pressly period is 47 years, she is American, and also she is a mother of three boys. Maggot Robbie, on the other hand, is Australian, she is 29 years old and also does no have youngsters yet.

Margot Robbie is no the just celebrity fans assume Jaime Pressly is associated to. Among the questions plenty of fans of Pressly seek answers come is- is Jaime Pressly regarded Elvis?

The answer is no, Jaime Pressly is not concerned Elvis Presley. Although your surnames have comparable pronunciation and also spelling, the actress and the so late king of rock and roll room not related.

Jaime Pressly load gain

On season 4 the Mom, the actress' personality Jill Kendall obtained a the majority of weight, and this made countless Pressly and also Mom fans wonder if Pressly actually got all the weight in actual life.

During season 4 that Mom, Pressly did get some weight in actual life since she to be pregnant through her twins then. However, she go not gain as much weight together her personality on the show.

For season four of Mom, authors of the show determined to compose an eating addiction, load gain and a wellness retreat into Jill’s storyline to perfect hide Jaime’s pregnancy. Jill’s health retreat spanned the time Pressly was away indigenous the display on maternity leave.

Jaime Pressly measurements

Other facts

She has actually a tattoo that a blue Leo sign with Japanese creating that method "healthy, strong, and also brave".She hates doing love scenes.She wrote a publication titled It's not Necessarily no the Truth: Dreaming Bigger than the city You're From. She claimed the publication is not a memoir however a love letter to she son and also an uplifting story of redemption, fight and also struggle of good and bad.She is the an initial person to appear on multiple covers of ingredient magazine.She hosted Saturday Night Live in 2006.She when struggled v bulimia.

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Social media

The actress is energetic on social media. She often articles photos of she family and also her work on she pages. She has 168k followers on Instagram and also 56k pendant on Twitter.

Jaime Pressly is an example of a real-life superwoman. With grace and also beauty, she perfect combines gift a functioning actress through being a producer, an author, a mom and a partner.