Tennessee law provides that that is illegal for youngsters under the period of 6 come ride in the bed that 3/4 4 minutes 1 ton or less pick-up trucks while the trucks are being activate on any type of local, ar or state road.

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Exceptions are created parades and comparable events if the speed of the van is less than twenty miles per hour and when the son is in the truck bed in connection with farming activities.

Tennessee counties are provided the express ideal to enact ordinances to raise the age limit indigenous 6 years of period to 12.

If your boy was hurt while speak in the bed the a pick-up truck, feel totally free to call us to determine his or she legal rights. We execute not charge any fee for an early stage consultation and, if we space able to help, we accept representation on a random fee basis (no recovery, no fee).

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respectable 31, 2012
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