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Officer Rickey Antoine

By PA News

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Published 12:01 am Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Kennedy from Vidor asks: i recently had actually a small fender bender, where my side see mirror hit a rubbish can and fell off. Obviously, ns didn’t do any type of damage to the garbage can, yet my passenger mirror fell out and I require a replacement. I have to drive to harbor Arthur for work and this is mine only method of transportation. If I gain stopped by the police, will I obtain a ticket for my lacking side watch mirror?

Answer: i guess we must make a public announcement for all chauffeurs to “beware of garbage cans sitting on the next of the roadway; lock are ruining side watch mirrors” (smile). I have great news for you. If her driver’s side view mirror is in place, you room NOT in violation of the state the Texas transport Code. In the state the Texas all drivers are compelled to have actually at the very least one operable side check out or one operable rear watch mirror, wherein the driver deserve to see behind them. Vehicles are manufactured with one rear view mirror and also two side see mirrors. To it is in in compliance through the state the Texas, at the very least one that those mirrors need to be attached and also operable.

Mary Ann from Opelousas asks: ns visit harbor Arthur often, and oftentimes mine family and also I uncover ourselves compare law distinctions in Texas and Louisiana. In Louisiana, the police are really strict worrying the windshield wiper/headlight law. In Louisiana, as soon as you rotate on her windshield wipers, you must turn on your vehicle headlights. Is that the same law here in Texas?

Answer: You are correct in understanding that each state legislation may different no matter how close the claims are to every other. In the an excellent state the Texas, there is NO regulation that says if you rotate on windshield wipers her headlights should be on. I know a motorist will revolve on his or her wipers during inclement weather conditions. In Texas, there space three events that mandate the use of headlights: first, 30 minutes after sunset; second, 30 minutes before sunrise; and third, if visibility is much less than a 1,000 feet, which converts to around three city blocks. Mary, through that said, it’s no a poor idea to turn on the headlights once it’s raining.

Paul from port Arthur asks: I have a little sports vehicle that’s quite fast. Permit me clear the air, I’m no a speeder, I similar to my car. My question is, let’s say the rate limit is 50 mph and I’m at a traffic light it is red. As soon as the light turns green, is it illegal to easily get up to 50 mph?

Answer: I to be impressed come hear you’re no a speeder, even though you have a sports car. If you’re stopped at a website traffic signal it is red and it turns green, as long as girlfriend “DO NOT” perform what’s generally known together burn rubber indigenous a quit position, yes no regulation governing how rapid you can acquire up come 50 mph, as lengthy as it can be done SAFELY! So, Paul, reap your sports car, journey safely and constantly remember speeding kills.

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