I have heard the old wives’ story that, if you drive a pickup truck v the tailgate down, it’s a an excellent way to boost fuel efficiency.

A citizen freshly asked around this and said her husband practices that and also she stated someone freshly told them the it was versus the law to drive with the tailgate down.

She wonder if the was true.

The Michigan auto Code, MCL 257.720 (1), needs you to drive through the tailgate up, whether the van is loaded or not. As proclaimed in the section: “…The tailgate, faucets, and also taps on a car shall be securely closeup of the door to prevent spillage during transportation even if it is the car is loaded or empty, and the auto shall no have any type of holes or cracks v which material deserve to escape…”

The exemption to this is once the cargo ~ above a pickup is much longer than the truck bed. In that case, the tailgate may be open, as lengthy as the cargo is securely fastened come the truck bed v straps that are strong enough to hold your cargo.

If the load extends more than 4 feet indigenous the vehicle, a one square-foot red flag is required to it is in attached to the projecting object.

At night, a red irradiate is compelled to be attached.

Ashley Simpson is a Community business Trooper for the MSP Alpena Post. If you have actually a question for Trooper Simpson, you deserve to email her at asktroopersimpson
gmail.com or mail them come Ask A Trooper, Michigan State Police – Alpena Post, 3283 W. Washington Ave, Alpena, Mich., 49707.


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