This beginners guide will take you v the main different species of sax – soprano, alto, tenor & baritone – and also give you some tips on whereby to start when it pertains to learning saxophone.

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Compared to a most instruments, the saxophone is one of the easier ones to learn.

The tricks were designed for easy, logical use, the mouthpiece is less complex than it’s orchestral counterparts and playing in tune with a good tone is feasible within a couple of practice sessions.

Basically, this single-reed member that the woodwind family is a great bet if she looking to find out a brand-new instrument!

In this overview we’ll talk about each of the 4 main instruments in the saxophone family and let you recognize some an easy considerations when planning to find out it.

We’ll likewise suggest some details saxophone brands and recordings to check out and also cover the main highlights the the history of the saxophone (hint: that was developed in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax as an orchestral instrument, prior to taking over the jazz world!)…

So if you’re looking for some help getting started with the saxophone, she in the right place!

Table the Contents

how much walk a saxophone cost?Types that SaxophonesLearn Soprano SaxophoneLearn Alto SaxophoneLearn tenor saxophoneLearn Baritone SaxophoneParts the the saxophone

How simple Is It come Start finding out Saxophone?

In terms of learning the saxophone, it’s one of the simplest instruments.

The scales run up and down the keys, making that perfect for beginners or world who space switching native the piano or other woodwind tools with comparable technique.

The saxophone fingerings come almost as 2nd nature, v the sound gaining deeper as an ext holes in the instrument are covered in stimulate from top to bottom.

There are four common varieties of saxophone to choose from, plus a bunch of stunner ones that we’ll display you at the finish of this article!

Alto and tenor saxophones space the most typical for beginners, for reasons we’ll go into below, but all 4 have actually their unique style and attractions, nevertheless of even if it is you’re a finish beginner or have been playing music a while…

How much does a saxophone cost?

When it involves buying a saxophone, you generally have two choices: brand-new or vintage.

Buying a brand-new saxophone

If you’re just obtaining started through playing sax, a brand-new saxophone is the safest and easiest option.

Prices for brand new, factory-built saxophones space pretty consistent and also you have actually the guarantee the it’s going to work precisely as it should.

Not to mention the fact you have the right to order one today and also have it ceded to her front door in as tiny as 24 hours, along with all the crucial saxophone accessories.

As with plenty of things, you do acquire what girlfriend pay for to a details extent.

A basic, beginning of the person saxophone will enable you to get acquainted with the instrument and start discovering to play.

If this is her goal, you can find brand brand-new alto saxophones – consisting of all the an easy accessories – for less than $400.

If you’re looking to buy a saxophone through a little more longevity, you can find entry-level saxophones for under $1000 from an ext established name in the business, including Conn-Selmer, with their 711 alto sax and the Jean Paul’s 400 tenor sax, which us reviewed in detail here.

In our opinion, the finest student saxophone available – in terms of price vs quality – is the Yamaha YAS-280

And, as you head increase the pricing chart rather a bit, maybe the most renowned brand for expert players is the legendary manufacturer Selmer Paris ; their reference 54 & 36 saxophones are wonderful modern instrument!

One thing to mention, though: regardless of what you could think, plastic saxophones room pretty much a think the the past and only worth considering if you will do buying a toy for a 3 year old!

Buying a vintage or second-hand saxophone

When it comes to vintage saxophones, things get a little an ext complicated, which is why it’s very recommended to start with a brand-new sax.

Whilst there are prices you’d intend to pay because that each brand and also model, these old horns room at a premium together they are usually not produced anymore.

The pricing is also impacted by the nuances of their sound, which means you need to be extremely comfortable v playing saxophone come make the decision.

As an example, whilst friend might discover a great vintage horn because that $5000, there are optimal quality vintage Selmer saxophones which have actually sold for as high as $40,000!

All the to say: if you buying vintage, make certain you try out the saxophone in person (or at the very least ask a pro to carry out it because that you) and also look in ~ a couple of options prior to committing!

What about saxophone rental?

Sometimes, particularly in the case of starting person children, the might be worth considering renting a saxophone.

It’s not a long-term solution, together those monthly payments start to add up an extremely quickly, yet if you’re really not sure it’s walking to be a permanent hobby, it could be worth considering.

Saxophone rental costs can begin as low together $40 a month, relying on the form of saxophone and also where you’re hiring it from.

However, through brand new beginner saxophones costing less than $500, us feel it’s precious making the commitment. Friend can always sell castle second-hand if you protect against using it and buying a brand-new sax online avoid the need to travel come a neighborhood store, go with the alternatives and inspect out their rental agreement.

With all the said, here’s our summary on the 4 main species of saxophone you might select to begin with.

Types that Saxophones

Whilst there are some more eccentric members the the saxophone family (including the massive contrabass and the beautiful yet under-appreciated C Melody), there room four common ones that most beginner saxophone college student choose:

soprano sax alto sax tenor sax baritone sax

We’ve rounded increase some vital info on each, in addition to some recommended listening if you desire to hear what the instrument sounds like…

NB: the order of the keys and the musical notes they exchange mail to space the same on every saxophone, i beg your pardon is why more advanced players generally switch in between at least different instruments in the family.

Getting to recognize these ‘fingerings’ is crucial starting point for every amateur saxophonist and you have the right to download a totally free saxophone fingering graph here.

Learn Soprano Saxophone

Often directly (resembling a clarinet in shape), the soprano saxophone has one that the highest possible ranges of all saxophones and is the third-smallest member the the sax family, following the soprillo and sopranino.

It supplies the same fingerings as any type of other saxophone, yet the instrument is more challenging to keep in tune, i beg your pardon is why it’s rarely for beginner to begin with this.

It’s in the same crucial (Bb) as the tenor saxophone, which is why you often see sax players playing those two, front of baritone and alto – which space both in Eb.

Beginners who decide to select a soprano saxophone might want to shot a couple of different mouthpieces on their saxophone to find one that feels right and helps develop the ideal tone. If the tuning is an issue, it’s additionally worth trying various reed strengths. Together a reminder, the lower numbers (such as #2) will be easier to play.

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You can discover out more about the soprano sax in our thorough guide here.

Recommended beginner soprano sax models Yanigasawa S-WO1 Soprano saxophone listening guide

Listen to man Coltrane’s famous soprano saxophone playing from the early on 60s…