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My girlfriend keeps posting scandalous pictures on society media. What should I do?

If every various other Instagram and Snapchat story she write-ups is risqué, use these five tips to number out just how you feel about it, what her motives are, and how you can strategy the case like the gentleman you are.


You landed yourself a smokin’ warm girlfriend. It’s favor she to be pulled indigenous the inner machinations of your mind—a fantasy. Congrats!

The just problem? she’s a tiny too keen to let anyone else recognize it, too. She short articles at a fast-clipped pace—Instagramming her yoga-pants-clad butt mid-workout, uploading a automobile selfie that’s more chest than confront (chestie?) on Facebook, rounding out the day through a Snapchat story of her fresh native the shower. Her intentions could be harmless, but that doesn’t typical your mind doesn’t short-circuit every time you check out the post and also the barrage that strange guys dropping fire emojis and who to know what else in her DMs.


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You desire it to stop, however have no clue just how to broach the subject. Girlfriend don’t desire to go in guns blazing any much more than you want to head into nuclear warfare through a water gun.

So here’s the gameplan, courtesy of psychologist and relationship coach Paulette Sherman, Ph.D.—and remember: your girlfriend is her girlfriend, therefore treat her through respect. (Here are 10 advice for arguing with your girlfriend without destroying your relationship in situation things acquire messy.)


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1. Understand just how her sexy society media write-ups make girlfriend feel

Few men ever talk about this, however you need to number out why you’re upset because of her girlfriend’s pictures. Talk to a close friend or even a therapist come act together a neutral sound board. Specifically, explain the situation and also the emotions it’s conjuring.

Some hypothetical questions: “Do you feel turned-on? The need to be controlling? Insecure?” Sherman says. And do you know where these feelings are coming from? “If you’re emotion jealous or insecure, you could be concerned you’re not enough for her and also she’s needing the attention of others,” Sherman explains. If you’re emotion protective and also angry, that could be a enjoy of her values regarding “privacy, boundaries, and also sexuality—as fine as fear of exterior judgment,” she adds.

2. Think about why she posting scandalous photos online

This situation is tricky. She could have a few different factors for all her online posting. Moreover, she might not be moral with it s her (and/or you) regarding why she’s posting what you deem come be inappropriate photos on social media.

First, the obvious: “She might need attention and also is flaunting her sexuality to get it (which might not be around you, however can still influence you),” Sherman suggests. Perhaps it’s her type of self-expression—which is come say, she watch nothing “scandalous” around the photos. (Remember, it is a judgment call.) Or possibly it’s just component of her project (is she a model, spokesperson, or support for advertising platform?).

“You can not assume she feelings or motives uneven you ask, however you deserve to intuit whereby she could be comes from rather of just considering your very own feelings,” Sherman says. If you’ve seen some red flags that suggest she’s a little insecure and seeks continuous validation from friend in order to feeling content, the could allude to her motives. If she has actually a strong understanding of that she is and also is unwavering in her self-confidence, her write-ups can just be an extension of that. If she’s a small immature relationship-wise and also hasn’t had plenty of serious relationships in the past, she can not think about how she posting could affect you.

All (and more) that these could be possibilities. It’s approximately you to number out which applies. And also that brings us to our following point:

3. Approach the touchy subject without gift confrontational

“Express your feelings using ‘I statements’ quite than making she the person in the wrong and attacking her,” Sherman says. If she post a photograph in a skimpy bikini or in a revealing top, try something like: “‘I felt uncomfortable seeing you in something therefore revealing ~ above a windy forum. I assumed that was just for me,"” Sherman suggests.

The an ext you pivot approximately your feelings, the an ext open she’ll be to hearing them out. “Never to speak something volatile or referee like: ‘I don’t desire my friends and family come think I’m dating a whore’ or ‘How challenge you short article inappropriate images like that. You’re my girlfriend."” You’re fully out of line to indicate she belongs to you, or that her photos suggest sexual promiscuity. She’s complimentary to do her options (and that consists of breaking up through you).

This goes earlier to step two: Figuring out why she posting those image in the first place. That means you deserve to hone in top top the core issue here—navigating your different attitudes around sexuality and propriety on social media.

4. Uncover a middle ground 

Even if the two of girlfriend untangle her motives for being a small racy on social media together being chaste (say, she lost a ton that weight and wants to display off her difficult work), you might still feeling strongly around her toning points down a bit.

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Sherman suggests: “You could say miscellaneous like, ‘I understand it’s your body and also this is ultimately your decision, yet I’d really evaluate it if her sexuality was just directed toward me and also vice-versa. How would friend feel around that boundary? Is the a deal-breaker because that you?"” In the grand system of things, fine-tuning her pictures to be more PG should be a reasonably simple damage for her if your relationship is just one of her height priorities. However if she pushes back and has no intentions to execute so, you’ll have actually to challenge a different question:

5. Decide whether her selection to continue posting racy image is a deal-breaker

If she refuses to stop, climate you should dissect this case to view if yes sir a bigger, much more deep-seated issue. The scandalous pictures are just a smaller home window into a larger conversation about how you feel toward each other. “This is a matter of respecting one another, finding locations you have the right to compromise on, and also seeing whether you have sufficient shared worths to last,” Sherman says.

If your relationship is already on rocky foundation—you feeling she’s not committed to you, your communication is poor, and you don’t feel like an equal in the relationship—then you must decide exactly how much this issue threatens your trust. This might signal larger troubles in her relationship, and also it’s best to number out these flaws sooner fairly than later.