Newborn puppies are the cutest of things. It have the right to be for this reason tempting to desire to pick them up, touch them, and also hold lock close to you. However as newborns they space much much more vulnerable to obtaining sick, are very fragile, and there is additionally a belief that the mother might reject them once you touch them… so what is the truth?

I made decision to research into it to find out when can you start handling puppies after ~ they are born; plus, if it’s negative to host a newborn puppy or not. Here’s what I found out.

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When deserve to you manage newborn puppies? You have the right to touch handle puppies 3 weeks ~ they are born. You should not really touch them before this period unless friend really have to. Be cautious though, as part mothers deserve to be aggressive specifically it hosted when being nursed.

That’s a very generic answer, and also there will be exceptions to this rule, which ns will define below. I will likewise put come the bed the myth about mother dog rejecting their puppies if you touch castle after they room born.

When have the right to you touch a child puppy?

There room conflicting opinions online, also from vets, about how soon after birth deserve to you handle puppies. One well-known time that plants up a lot of is 3 weeks together being ok to hold newborn puppies. This is one that I think holds many credence, and also I will define why.

At 3 mainly old, puppies will certainly be starting to move around by themselves more. Their eyes will have opened (read more), and also whilst still totally dependent on your mother, do have a bit much more freedom.

I think at this point in your development, it’s likely that the mommy won’t be as protective or worn down as she might have been directly after giving birth. That should alleviate the chances of she snapping in ~ you when you decide to choose up and also hold a puppy.

That doesn’t mean mothers are always aggressive as soon as you manage their puppies, it’s just a threat you must be consider. The finest advice below is to no touch she puppies whilst she is clean them, or they room nursing indigenous her.

Most mother will have the ability to feed and clean young without your help.

Handy Hint: child puppies will gain all the nutrition they require from their mother, however can start to drink water and eat food at 4 mainly of period onwards.

When deserve to you organize a child puppy then?

However, that doesn’t typical it’s poor to touch, choose up, handle, and hold puppies before the 3-week point. There will certainly be times when you nothing actually have any an option and require to take care of them for their benefit.

Here space some instances as soon as you can touch newborn puppies prior to they room 3 main of age.

Touching a puppy to examine their gender and health when born.Handling puppies to weigh them as part of a health and wellness checkHandling a runt of the litter is the puppy isn’t getting accessibility to milk.Picking increase a puppy if the is obviously sick or weak.Handlings puppies if the mother has rejected them.Moving puppies if the whelping box needs cleaningHolding puppies if the mom is aggressive through them.Moving remote newborn puppies if they are too much away native the mommy to gain back.

All those points above could be situations where you have actually no an option but to touch a newborn puppy prior to the 3-week point.

Important: don’t touch puppies of any age if the mother look aggressive, defensive, or growls.

Will dog let you touch their puppies?

Providing girlfriend are acquainted to your dog, and also you’re not a stranger, then most mother dogs will let friend touch your puppies. As soon as I was a kid, i was there because that the bear of mine dog’s puppies, and she had actually no problem with me poignant them.

Now ns am older, mine advice has changed somewhat, however it walk to present that ns think many dogs will let owners become component of the procedure providing girlfriend respect the boundaries.

Then of food you have the case where brand-new owners will begin coming to look at puppies from as beforehand as the 6 come 7-week age. Whilst you can’t give puppies come a brand-new home prior to 8 weeks of age, many civilization will visit them prior to that to choose.

At this point, the mom dog will certainly be supplied to you picking up and also holding her puppies, and also even letting them get handed come other world without rejecting them afterwards.

By the moment you take a puppy residence at 8 and also 9 weeks of period they will be supplied to being tackled gently by humans.

How to handle puppies properly

When it pertains to the plot of handing and touching puppies, there space some essential things to consider. This will assist to safeguard the wellness of the newborns and also reduce the risk of accidents.

Always wash her hands prior to touching puppies. This will assist to reduce the threat of passing any type of bacteria or disease to them. Immune systems are weaker as newborns.Approach the child puppies slowly as to not alarm and also panic them.Abort emotional them if the mommy looks on leaf or out of character.Pick increase very tiny puppies by sliding her hand gently under your belly.For bigger puppies, ar one hand under the puppy’s ribs, and your various other under their bum and earlier legs.Lift the young puppy up, holding castle close to her chest to prevent them slipping and also falling from her hands. This also makes puppies feel warmer and safer.Try no to handle puppies as well often, just removing one from the litter for a pair of minute at many each time.Don’t choose puppies increase if they are feeding native the mother.Don’t pick up child puppies if you deserve to avoid till their eyes have opened and also they room walking independently.

Handy Hint: go you know that the age you can sell and also buy puppies is actually different depending upon what united state state you room in?

Will the mother refuse newborns if girlfriend touch them?

I’ve read multiple accounts online which stats this is a myth. In fact, the website speak it best with the following quote:

“There is a long-standing legend that touching newborn pets will reason their mothers to refuse them. This is virtually never true, and puppies room no exception. In fact, household dogs are often really tolerant of your favorite human beings touching your babies.”

But that doesn’t typical you need to be poignant the puppies all the time.

My personal story

Earlier i touched in an experience from when I was son so want to share the in more depth… it’s no the 3 week rule, yet explains what is possible.

When ns was 12 years old, our dog gave birth to puppies in mine room. It’s whereby she felt comfortable sufficient to colony down in preparation.

Because i was there with her during the birth, I think it made mine smell part familiar to the newborns and made my dog more comfortable through me managing her puppies.

I vividly remember do the efforts to connect a couple of of the newborns onto her as they struggled to find a space in the litter to obtain milk.

I wasn’t picking up and touching the puppies all the time yet kept a near eye on things to make sure all the newborns to be healthy and none were gaining neglected.


You will require a lot of of technique to not desire to reach out and touch a puppy as soon as it’s born. They room so little and helpless v those close up door eyes and cute small pink paws and also nose.

However, as they obtain older and also pass 3 weeks in age, poignant them will help them to gain used come humans. It should help to aid in socialization and also prepare them because that leaving your mother, which have the right to start together young together 8 main of age.

I do believe that you should avoid emotional puppies before this though if you can and also give mommy the room to be a mother.

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