In Naruto, Haku is a rogue Ninja that fights along Zabuza. He has a sad background of death and mistreatment that ns won"t treat here.

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In any kind of case, the Haku"s peculiarity is the although the looks/behaves/dresses favor a woman, the is a man. However not all resources agree v this, so... Is Haku a male or a woman?

Is over there a factor for the very first part in my spoiler? Or is it just a plot device?

If your answer consists of something that shows up or is explained after the Bridge fight with Team 7 (as much as Haku is concerned), please usage a spoiler.



I do not think that Haku was taken into consideration as a mrs is considered a spoiler.

After all, they uncover that just 1 episode after Team 7 met him. I can guarantee for certain that Haku is a man. Despite what various other sources more than likely say, there room plenty of males in actual life that look favor women (Justin Bieber is good example). What ns cannot tell girlfriend is what to be the perspective of Zabuza for him (if he was simply a friend or miscellaneous "Else").

I say this only due to the fact that the one who told Naruto that far-reaching detail to be Haku himself, so over there isn"t a many room because that mistakes.




I think Haku is actually a woman.However, she tells Naruto she is a male (I think in thing 21).

Whichever may be the case, I believe she does not care. What she cares many about is gift able to serve Zabuza (if she deserve to serve him, she is wanted in this world). For this, she watch herself as a tool, her only purpose gift to watch that Zabuza perfect his objectives (I believe it is in thing 29 the she defines this to Naruto). She also tells Naruto the if she falls short Zabuza she"d fairly be dead, because she"s shed her purpose.

To amount up, I believe that whichever might be the case, it is at some point irrelevant to her/him, since:Tools carry out not have actually genders.As such, Haku go not have a gender.

I agree the there are couple of characters in Naruto/Shippuden who look masculine in the manga however female in the

example: Katsuyu

But Haku is a guy in both the and the manga. No doubt about it. Though just based upon looks, Naruto (and also viewers) failure him for a girl, the clarifies that is a guy! :)

Haku is a man.

There are many manga that have in-common choose that. One great example is the Zoldyck family in Hunter X Hunter.

All that Killua"s siblings are boys. However you have the right to see lock wearing Kimono"s v make up and also long hair. Attractable beauty however stated as boys.

I agree through JNat"s answer based on the premise the I believed that Haku to be a girl from day one.

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Firstly, Haku portrays the physical and emotional traits of a female also though she tries hard to be a male (Zabuza"s tool). Secondly, Naruto called her sir, store in mind the they likewise call Tsunade sir so that does no really show gender. My third reason is that together JNat likewise says, she does not care, as soon as Zabuza found her, she to be weak, being described as a young or behaving favor one no doubt made she seem more powerful in his eyes.

Haku is a girl. She watch her self as a guy or boy however she is a girl. At illustration 17 in the haku"s mom says "sorry mine daughter". After slapping her around for ussing she powers.

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