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Bungee Jumping vs Skydiving | which is much more Dangerous?

When it comes to adventure sports, bungee jumping and also skydiving are certainly the two most considered activities by travellers and thrill-seekers.

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However, one of the most crucial factors impacting your decision is which that the two is an ext dangerous.

In this article, I’ll be comparing bungee jumping vs skydiving and exploring the fatality rates of both. That means you make the decision of i m sorry of these adventure sporting activities you’d choose to shot as your following adventure,

Is Bungee Jumping Dangerous?

When considering bungee jumping for the an initial time, one of the best questions beginners ask is:

“Is bungee jumping dangerous?”

The tricky thing around this is that friends, family and also relatives will very quickly chime in through their opinions and recommendations.


Some adamantly stating how crazy you space to also THINK around doing it, and also how they recognize someone, that knows someone, who had a poor experience.

Yet, in countless cases, they’ve never actually tried it themselves.

Unlike those people, I have actually excellent bungee jumping before, and also not just once yet 4 times! I have actually done 3 bungee jumps in brand-new Zealand and 1 bungee run in southern Africa.

Here’s part footage native my endure bungee jumping in brand-new Zealand:

Despite experiencing it because that myself, I have the right to of course, know why world view bungee jumping as dangerous.

Sure, having actually your feet tied together by an elastic rope and diving head an initial towards the floor is not exactly risk-free. But when us look at the statistics, we carry out see a different story.

Given the state of modern-day technology and also the strictness the protocol this days, the fatalities and also injuries attributed come bungee jumping are much less than frequently expected.

In instance you’re no convinced, check out the stats the I was able to gather below.

They may assist to change your beliefs.


Bungee Jumping vs Skydiving – i m sorry is much more dangerous?

The Fatality Statistics that Bungee Jumping:

After hrs of research, i realised that the frequency that bungee jumping deaths is actually pretty low.

If it’s your first time bungee jumping, you’d be an extremely unlucky to have something walk wrong throughout your jump.

According to finest Health Degrees, the estimated death ratio is 1 come 500,000 jumps.

To placed that in context…

Here’s how bungee jumping compares to some other well-known adventure sports, from many dangerous to least dangerous.

Hang Gliding: 1 in 560Canoeing: 1 in 10,000Mountain Hiking: 1 in 15,700Bicycling: 1 in 140,845Bungee Jumping: 1 in 500,000

As you can see, the chance of you dice bungee jumping is miniscule compared to the number of successful jumps that space done every day!

You’re also more likely to have actually an accident canoeing than bungee jumping, i beg your pardon I’m sure plenty of of friend have already tried before.

If you’d prefer to offer bungee jumping a go, there are numerous locations anywhere the civilization where you try it.

Here space some other great options to examine out: 

Now let’s revolve our attention to skydiving.

Is Skydiving Dangerous?

Similar come bungee jumping, skydiving is an additional adventure sports that gets a negative rep because that being high risk. That too involves plunging head very first towards the ground.

And come make points even more frightening…

Instead of having a rope bound to her ankles, you undertake a harness hope to death that your parachute opens up on cue.

And the cherry top top top, you jump from 12,000-15,000 feet over the ground fairly than from 100-200m.

Here’s some footage from my endure skydiving in Australia: 

Scary, ey!

Sure, when I frame it prefer this sounds freaking terrifying. However, technology has advanced a ton over the critical 20-30 years and the instructors girlfriend tandem dive through are very experienced at what they do.

You must also keep in mental that many adventure companies, who specialise in skydiving, have very strict safety and security procedures and also protocols that they follow.

Their mission is come ensure the you have a an extremely safe and fun experience. Otherwise, customers would never go ago and they’d never ever make any money.

Similar come bungee jumping, let’s take it a look at at some statistics below.

The Fatality Statistics that Skydiving:

As we did earlier, let’s currently compare skydiving come bungee jumping, in regards to fatality statistics.

Using the same resource mentioned above, skydiving is said to have a fatality price of 1 death per 101,083 jumps.

That’s less than 1 death for every 100,000 jumps!

This way that, again, girlfriend would need to be pretty ominous to die once skydiving.

Let’s now include that right into the perform of various other sports and see wherein it sits.

Hang Gliding: 1 in 560Canoeing: 1 in 10,000Mountain Hiking: 1 in 15,700Skydiving: 1 in 101,083Bicycling: 1 in 140,845Bungee Jumping: 1 in 500,000Skiing: 1 in 1,4000,000Snowboarding: 1 in 2,200,000

This gives you a clean indication of where the two sit in terms of injury and also risk. However, I’d choose to add one much more thing into the mix to blow your tiny cotton socks off.



Like me, you most likely drive a vehicle right?

Yep, well have I got some news for you.

I did part research right into car fatality fatalities and associated statistics.

Did girlfriend know? according to spending plan Direct, in 2020 the an international average of road fatalities native car accidents is 18.2 deaths every 100,000 people.

Here’s a intuitive graph reflecting the malfunction of deaths per 100,000 people, within a select number of countries:


So based off the above stats, you’re:

18 times much more likely to dice driving come work contrasted to skydiving and91 times more likely to dice from driving when compared to bungee jumping

Crikey, ns don’t think I’ll ever drive again!

Just kidding.


BUT if you do have the courage to drive daily of the week (now knowing the stats), I’d suggest you get rid of your fear of bungee jumping or skydiving.

Instead, just GO do IT!

If you’d like to offer skydiving a go, over there are numerous locations anywhere the civilization where you can shot it.

Here are some an excellent examples to check out: 

In Conclusion – 

What is more Dangerous – Skydiving or Bungee Jumping?

In conclusion, the fatality statistics associated with bungee jumping vs skydiving disclose that skydiving is in fact an ext dangerous than bungee jumping, v a 5:1 possibility of dying.

However, as highlighted above, the threats of dying whilst doing either of this adventure sports is very low, with less than 1 death per 100,000 successful jumps.

This compares come 18.2 deaths every 100,000 people as a an outcome of a auto accident.

I hope that this article has assisted to placed the risks of these two adventure sports into perspective, and also give girlfriend the confidence to shot these significant adventure sporting activities for yourself.

Try not to allow the opinions of others stop you native ticking something remarkable off your bucket list.

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