It's hard to uncover an neck shop or a flea industry that doesn'toffer ruby red glassware approve by Avon. This dinnerware hasattracted many collectors and also is among the many beautiful of theirproduct sample pieces.

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The architecture is based upon an old, sandwich glass sample andinspired by the lacy delicacy the the standard Roman rosette pattern,introduced in 1975 by Wheaton Glass for Avon. They werecommissioned to carry out the pieces, because they were already makingdecorative decanters for them.

Avon decided to call their new dinnerware the 1876 Cape CodCollection because it recalled the beauty, beauty of this quality glass andthe heart of the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial, i m sorry celebratedthe 100th anniversary the the declaration of Independence and also thearea wherein sandwich glass originated.

This to be Avon's very first venture into a dinnerware heat and,because it to be well received, Avon continued to make more itemsuntil the pattern to be discontinued in 1993. In all, 37 differentpieces to be produced.

In July that 1976, Marlene Werden the Goodview became an Avonrepresentative and immediately dropped in love with the Cape cod setand started her own personal collection.


"The very first pieces were cruets filled through Skin-So-Soft bath oiland candlesticks that contained Charisma, Patchwork or Bird ofParadise cologne. They sold for roughly $8 a piece," Werden says."Wine goblets that consisted of a votive candle were introduced in1976. I continued to collection the pieces as they come out."

In 1978, dessert bowls filled through guest soap were introduced,along through salt shakers the were introduced in 1984. After manycampaigns, more pieces were included and became great sellers from thequantity on today’s market.

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Barb Dalton, an area neck dealer, says, "I don’t have actually apersonal arsenal of it, yet I did have a huge selection forsale prior to Christmas, and also only a few pieces remain. During theholidays, it provides a perfect mix with other reds and also greens, andcan bring through into the Valentine's decor."

Nice piece can additionally be found at garage sales. Dalton states,"These pieces room not complicated to find, however, it will beunusual to find countless pieces at any kind of one time. The world thatpurchase these have actually a range of reasons: part are including to theircollections, however I believe most are attracted in by the beauty, beauty of theglassware and also the affordability of it."

The existing market value of these glassware pieces is in the $5to $25 range. The products you uncover should have the indigenous "Avon" onthe bottom.