Cucumbers are among the many popular develop items grown and sold about the world.

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You’re most likely well acquainted with their crisp crunch and also mild, new flavor.

However, you may wonder to which food group cucumbers belong.

This write-up clears up whether cucumbers space fruits or vegetables.

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Formally known by their scientific name Cucumis sativus, cucumbers room a member of the gourd, or Cucurbitaceae, household of tree (1).

They originated in various parts of south east Asia yet are currently grown almost everywhere the world.

Size and color deserve to vary considerably depending ~ above the variety, yet cucumbers are ideal known for your long, cylindrical shape and bright green skin.

The most well-known kinds space categorized into two groups: slicing cucumbers and pickling cucumbers.

As the categorical name implies, slicing cucumbers room the ideal ones to enjoy fresh. You’re most likely to run into this variety at your neighborhood grocery save or on a salad or raw vegetables platter.

Pickling cucumbers are commonly smaller and slightly less common than the slicing variety. They no usually eaten fresh but instead supplied to make — you guessed it — pickles.

A healthy and balanced choice

Cucumbers are not a significant source of an extremely many vitamins and minerals, as they’re mostly comprised of water (2).

Still, a 1/2-cup (52-gram) offer provides around 11% the the daily recommendation for vitamin K — a nutrient the plays an important role in blood clotting and also bone health (2, 3).

They’re likewise rich in several distinctive plant compounds, such as cucurbitacins and cucumegastigmanes, which have actually potent antioxidant and also anti-inflammatory properties (4).

Cucumbers room low in calories, carbs, and fat, making lock a viable alternative for virtually any diet. No to mention, they administer a an extremely satisfying and refreshing crunch to a selection of dishes (2).


Cucumbers belong to the gourd family and come in numerous varieties, consisting of slicing and pickling. Lock nutritious and also make a tasty addition to a healthy diet.

Though many people think the cucumbers as vegetables, the scientific an interpretation indicates the they’re a kind of fruit.

This difference is based mostly on the biological duty of the cucumber itself.

In botany (the examine of plants), fruits allow a flowering tree to reproduce. A fruit is formed from the ovary that exists in ~ the flower and houses the seeds that will at some point grow into new plants.

Conversely, “vegetable” is a term booked for other parts the a plant, such together the leaves, stems, or roots (5).

Cucumbers grow from flowers and contain dozens of seed that may be provided to cultivate future generations that cucumber plants. This basic role is what provides them fruit — not vegetables — follow to science.


Scientifically speaking, cucumbers space fruits since they flourish from the flower of the plant and hold the seeds.

Much of the confusion roughly the classification of various fruits and also vegetables originates from culinary use.

The culinary an interpretation of a fruit or vegetable is usually based upon flavor profile, texture, and also the ideal applications in ~ a specific dish.

Fruits have tendency to be very sweet, tart, or tangy, and also they commonly have a softer, much more delicate texture. They’re more likely to be used in dishes prefer desserts, pastries, syrups, sauces, and also smoothies that speak to for such flavors and textures.

On the other hand, vegetables space usually tougher in texture and also generally have more bitter facets in their flavor profile. Lock typically ideal suited because that savory dishes like entrees, soups, and salads.

In regards to flavor, cucumbers loss somewhere in the middle, although lock far an ext likely to be supplied as a vegetable. The crisp texture, mild taste that the within flesh, and slightly bitter flavor of the skin loan themselves fine to a wide variety of savory recipes.

Cucumbers can occasionally pass for fruit as soon as paired v other, sweeter fruits favor berries or melon. Otherwise, they’re better off preserving their kitchen-appointed designation together a vegetable.


cook practices distinguish fruits from vegetables follow to flavor and texture. Cucumber is most generally used in savory dishes, i m sorry is how it obtained its reputation together a vegetable.

For the median person, the inquiry of even if it is cucumbers space fruits or vegetables should have very little impact on just how you reap them.

The vital thing come remember is the cucumbers space versatile and nutritious with number of culinary and cosmetic uses.

Try brand-new recipes

You probably already know that cucumbers do for an excellent, easy-to-prepare addition to timeless tossed or fruit salads — and many don’t even want to imagine a people without pickles. However the culinary uses for cucumbers don’t stop there.

Shake things up by making cucumber the main emphasis of her salad. Shot slicing it right into thin strips and topping it v fresh herbs, lemon, and also crumbled feta cheese. Or add Asian-style flare by using rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds.

In warmer months, reap cucumber in her smoothies or gazpacho because that a refreshing, cool smell enhancement. Shot pureeing it through some new honeydew melon and freeze it to make popsicles.

Cucumber additionally shines in dishes like tabbouleh, yogurt dip, or new salsa.

Though it’s most often eaten fresh, don’t be fear to chef with cucumber, too. It functions well in stir-fries or also sautéed through itself and also topped v fresh herbs and also a little salt and also pepper.

Have a spa day

Cucumbers not only make for a crunchy snack but likewise work well in homemade cosmetic and beauty applications.

The most classic cucumber beauty hack is to location slices of it over your eyes for numerous minutes. This have the right to reduce ede and assist revive puffy, tired-looking eyes (4).

Try adding cucumber come homemade confront masks and hair therapies for added moisture and also a fresh odor — or encompass it in her favorite homemade soaps, face toners, and body mists.

You can additionally apply fresh sliced cucumber to sunlit skin for a herbal cooling effect (4).

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regardless of even if it is its a fruit or a vegetable, cucumber is a functional ingredient or beauty, beauty product.