Last to update on October 20, 2021Intex produces many of the best over ground pools in the market today.

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If you’re trying to find an Intex pool v a certain dimension in mind, climate you’re in the right location as we’re going to discuss all Intex swimming pool sizes available for you and your household to select from.

Once you understand the miscellaneous sizes available, you might need come know just how long walk it take to fill an intex pool?

The various Intex pool SetsKiddie swimming pool SetsEasy set PoolsMetal framework Pool SetsPrism structure Pool SetsDifferent Intex swimming pool SizesFrequently request Questions about Intex PoolsAre Intex pools any an excellent overall?How lengthy do Intex pools last?

First, let’s talk about the different pool sets that Intex uses to their customers.

The different Intex pool Sets





The dimensions space 103" x 69" x 22", 14 gallon vinyl poolCapacity is 198 gallons. Likewise comes with a shelf box. Includes a repair patch2 wait chambers each with dual vavle intake and free-flow exhaust vavleDo not lean, straddle, or exert press on the inflatable wall or side wall as injury or flooding might occur. Perform not enable anyone to sit on, climb, or straddle the political parties of the pool. Pools are...

The Intex Kiddie swimming pool sets have a wide range of designs and also features.Intex Kiddie swimming pool sets have actually the most variety of pool draft than any kind of other Intex swimming pool sets combined.These pool sets’ shapes range from ring pools, rectangle-shaped pools, and likewise irregular-shaped ones.Intex Kiddie swimming pool sets are perfect for your young children who are searching for water fun and also action. They deserve to be filled making use of your consistent garden hose.

10 ft diameter x 30" (2.5 ft) height. No filter pump is contained with the pool. A filter pump would must be purchased separately.Very straightforward to collection up, no devices neededSuper straightforward set-up! all set for water in 15 minutes!Set-up & maintain DVD is included

The Intex Easy collection Pools are inflatable pools and they room the many affordable set among larger Intex pools. They’re really easy to collection up and use. Many of the easy-set pools can be ready for water in 10 minutes.Unlike the Kiddie pool Sets, Easy collection Pools space only obtainable in a ring shape.

Intex pool Sets Review and also Buying overview 2021

Metal frame Pool Sets

Intex 12 x 2.5 Foot metal Frame above Ground Pool with Filter and also Intex 28002E Cleaning maintain Swimming pool Kit w/ Vacuum Skimmer & PoleAn affordable alternate to more facility steel walled pools, and a more durable different to inflatable modelsProvides both value and convenience for years of family enjoymentIncludes 1 form "A" filter cartridge

If you’re looking for an above-ground pool with much more depth, then the Intex Metal framework Pool Sets room the finest choice. They’re among the most affordable big-sized pools available today and also they’re very easy to set up.These swimming pool sets are constructed with a sturdy steel frame and also are still quite easy to assemble. Some models are prepared for water within 30 minutes. Friend do should be sure to have actually level floor to download it on and be sure to understand what to put under these Intex pools.

Prism framework Pool Sets

Intex 26743EH Greywood Premium Prism 18ft x 48in Steel structure Outdoor above Ground Round swimming Pool set with Cover, Ladder, and also 1500 GPH Filter Pump
huge FAMILY size POOL: The Intex prism frame pool is the perfect backyard pool set that procedures 18 feet x 4 feet and also at 90% full holds up to 6,423 gallons; encourage for eras 6 and also up;...POWERFUL FILTER PUMP INCLUDED: This package comes through a 110-120V cartridge filter pump v a pump circulation rate the 1,500 gallons every hourKEEP her WATER CLEAN and CLEAR: Hydro Aeration technology pump for enhanced circulation, filtration, enhanced water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface.FAST, basic SETUP: This swimming pool is durable, straightforward to assemble, and also ready because that water in 60 minutes; created with puncture-resistant, 3 ply material

An upgraded variation of the Metal frame Pool Sets, this Prism structure Pool Sets are good for family members with enough room in their backyard for a large above floor pool.

You can easily assemble these pools through no devices required. The materials used for the frame and also liner room of high quality, for this reason you deserve to be specific that this pools will last.The Prism frame Pool to adjust come in different shapes choose rectangular, oval, and round. These swimming pool sets are prepared for water in roughly 30 come 60 minutes, relying on the Intex pool dimension that you’ll it is in getting.

Ultra XTR structure Pools

Intex 26355EH Ultra 18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular structure Pool with Solar Cover, Ladder, soil Cloth, and 120V 1,200 GPH Sand Filter Pump
POOL: The Ultra Frame architecture provides excellent durability and a sleek gray finish, every while do setup quick and easy.INCLUDES: This pool contains everything you need for a great pool experience, including the an effective Krystal clear 110-120V 1,200 gallon every hour sand filter pump, ladder, debris cover, and also ground...PUMP: Hydro aeration technology in the pump boosts circulation, filtration, and also water clarity while enhancing the water"s an adverse ions; Sand filter pump has a pump flow rate the 1,200 gallons per...SPECIFICATIONS: size (L x W x D): 18" x 9" x 52"; Water capacity: 4,545 gallons in ~ 90%

The Ultra XTR framework Pools space the top-of-the-line swimming pool sets native Intex through their elegant design and also amazing features. They’re among the biggest over ground pools easily accessible today and comes in various shapes favor round and also rectangular.

Intex Ultra XTR Frame set Review

The pool’s structure is do of strong and long lasting materials. The frames room made of strong galvanized stole that’s additionally protected against rust. Its swimming pool liner is do from a combination of high-strength polyester mesh and extra-thick PVC class to increase resistance native puncture and also tear.These larger pools need a larger pool pump come ensure the correct water circulation. Countless owners also choose to transform these to saltwater systems.

Note: Ground extended were rounded to the nearest whole numberData native

Different Intex pool Sizes

Now, you might be asking what’s the best Intex pool size to get?

Well, it very depends ~ above the space you have at home, if girlfriend have sufficient space, then you must maximize it. A bigger pool means more swimming space for you and also your family.

Also, most large Intex pool prices don’t have much difference between them, therefore it’s better to acquire the one with more depth and bigger dimensions if girlfriend could.

Fun Fact

If you’re walk to research the data us presented, you’ll notice that the pools with the highest number of gallons are not oval or rectangular-shaped, but those that space round-shaped.

If we’re going to rank them through the ratio of how numerous gallons they’re able to accommodate and how lot ground an are they need, it’ll be round-shaped at first, following is rectangular, and also last will be the oval-shaped pools.

Frequently request Questions about Intex Pools

If you’re spring to include an over ground pool in her backyard, then Intex is certainly a brand you must consider.

Intex pool sets are developed to critical long and are thought about the best over ground pool accessible in the industry today.

Intex pools are known to last for at least 5 years. That course, that will very depend on what pool set you’re getting, and how you’re going to use and maintain her pool.

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To make sure that your swimming pool lasts much longer than its lifespan you need to put something under her Intex pool to safeguard it native the ground itself. This minimizes the risk of tear or puncture.