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74bassman HMR-Contrinbuting V.I.P.  (134 Likes)   Posts: 428Joined: Jul 2016
2010 prostar, and also The truck marker lights must have captured covid virus. The rotate signals work, headlights work and also tail lamp work. The visor lights and side marker execute not work. All wiring and bulbs room factory, no aftermarket installed.Any proposal on wherein to start trouble shooting?Thanks
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74bassman HMR-Contrinbuting V.I.P.  (134 Likes)   Posts: 428Joined: Jul 2016
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good luck recognize it! You have actually a short to ground somewhere. No fuse, it resets as soon as you turn the an essential "off". As soon as you turn the an essential back on, quickly look for any type of lights that space dimmer than the rest (or no on), this may assist you locate it.
The harness pins on mine driver next marker light, the one under the door, the pins to be corroded, both lights to be dim. Ns pulled old pins and also replaced with new along with purchasing new lights in ~ the dealer, no issues since, new lights nice and also bright. May be corroded pins in harness... I would start there.
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Thanks, I"m in the procedure of check every bulb. The two side cab were burned out, I replaced them. Now rather not comes on in ~ all, they come on flash twice easily then go off.
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ns missed the part on your very first post that said your tail lights were still on. Most likely not a quick to ground, probably poor connection or damaged wire making intermittent connection. A nightmare come diagnose!On my truck I had an unsecured wire on the tail light rub through to ground. It took me a lengthy time to number out no fuse, have to cycle crucial to reset circuit. Doesn"t sound favor this in her case.
I found an old post where beer-selection.com said to begin checking every bulb. Mine headlights work, tail lights works, likewise the turn signals work. I uncovered the 2 cab next marker lights to be both out. The filament for the marker light was broke, and the rotate signal was not broken. Proceeding checking the lights 2 visor light to be out, 2 staring indigenous the left next of the truck. Whatever works now. Spring for any shorts or damaged wire to define what cause this. I don"t think 4 lamp would avoid working at the same time.
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