Vijay Bansode is pass his signature Indian food to happy Street in a kind that"s approachable for the average eastern Tennessean. 

"Just imagine Chipotle, but Indian," that told Knox News about his brand-new Aroma express concept, reserved to open at the corner of West Vine Avenue and the 100 block of happy Street through the end of November. 

But that"s no all: momentary rentals and also a convenience store also are planned because that the home at 143 S. Happy Street. The store would stock produce and also other groceries downtown dwellers might need in a pinch. 

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That includes charcoal, bread, condiments and beverages, said Chirag Patel, a companion in the redevelopment project. Patel has remained in the convenience store organization for 30 years, the said, with areas in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

Filling needs in the city"s core

Patel stated he and also his partners purchased the structure last year under MKC properties LLC. Records display the expense was $1.1 million. 

As adjacent housing projects come online, consisting of Capitol Lofts planned just steps away on West Vine Avenue, Patel watch an raised need to provide convenience items come a cultivation downtown population. 

An august report from Knox News check the potential require for a downtown grocery store. About 2,600 people were life downtown at the time, contrasted to simply 1,100 in 2000. 

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While the unnamed convenience save won"t administer everyone"s grocery needs, it will fill crucial niche downtown. Aroma Express additionally will fill the need for more fast casual options in the city"s core. 

Adapting to contemporary food culture

Bansode formerly owned Indian restaurants in Alabama but sold his shares before returning come Knoxville critical year. He has due to the fact that found success with Aroma Indian Kitchen,a full-service principle he and also his partners opened in Cedar Bluff. 

The downtown "express" version of the restaurant will permit customers come order wraps or bowls, starting with a an option between white or yellow rice. Client then will certainly select in between red bean or chickpeas through Indian seasonings before picking from among Bansode"s signature sauces. 

Proteins will certainly come in the type of steak, chicken and a rotating option. Guests can likewise choose veggies before adding cheese, corn or Indian-style cucumber salad. 

"Nowadays, people are leaning towards that sort of food culture," Bansode said around casual made-to-order concepts.

Food would be ordered in ~ a counter, and guests would have the ability to choose from roughly 25 multi-colored chairs scattered around the space and in the restaurant"s windows. The partners plan to leaving the exposed bricks, Patel said, however could project the restaurant"s logo design onto the wall surface for a contemporary touch. 

A room through a view on gay Street

"Modern" will be the design template for the momentary rentals planned because that the building"s 2nd story, stated Mohit Mankad, a companion in the project. The partners are working to develop two units that would share a rooftop patio. 

Patel stated they also are building a solitary apartment unit. 

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While the restaurant and convenience store are reserved to open roughly the very same time, Patel said, the temporary rentals could take longer to construct out. 

The restaurant room is about 1,800 square feet, that said, while the convenience store would be roughly 2,200 square feet. 

The restaurant would certainly be open from 11 a.m. To 10 p.m. Every work of the week. If the restaurant is successful, Bansode said he would take into consideration opening an additional express principle in Knoxville.