A few months later, Annabeth was jumping, or hopping, I guess, around the apartment, getting so excited.  

"It's gonna be a girl! It's gonna be a girl! It's gonna be a girl!" She chanted over and over.  

Percy smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. He touches her wedding ring, with an ocean rock in the center. She in reaction, touches his, only his was covered with minuscule pictures of owls. It was a custom among married demigods to have the other's parent donate the rings.  

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"Remember the day we exchanged these?" Annabeth asked him with a giggle.  

"Duh." Percy responded. He could see it in his head: Annabeth walking down the isle on her father's arm, Thalia: the maid of honor, her bridesmaids: Erin, Madisyn, Rachel, and Clarisse. Their honeymoon, of course, had also been amazing. They spent it at The Castle In The Sky, a location for only demigod honeymooners on Olympus. Of course, they had made the exception when Rachael, being the Oracle, married Nico.  

Percy smiled. "That's not my favorite memory."  

"What was?" But she didn't have to ask, already knowing it was the day he asked her to marry him. Percy and Annabeth were swimming, and he took her hand and handed her a book. She placed the book into her hand, and went back up. Sitting on the shore, Annabeth had read the title: Will You Marry Me? and smirked. She turned the page and gasped, seeing the seastone ring. Rushing over, she threw her arms and legs around Percy, knocking him into the water. She pecked his cheek and tries to talk underwater.  

"Yes!" she gurgled out.  

Thinking back to all of their memories, Percy thought back to when he was offered the chance to become a god, and was so glad he'd said no. Percy couldn't imagine having to live forever without your love. Annabeth looked up to him, her gray eyes staring him straight in the face.  

"What's wrong?" she asked him.  

"Nothing." he gave a weak smile. "I was, um, just thinking of Chiron's expression when we see him tomorrow. Erin promised she didn't tell him...it'll be great to see his face." 

"Come on, Seaweed Brain! I'm a child of the goddess of wisdom. I KNOW there's more too it than that." 

"Okay, Smartie Pants, I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a demigod child." He sighed. "And we could have..." 

Annabeth frowned. "Would you really have wanted to leave this for all eternity?" she asked, making a cross eyed face.  

Percy smiled and looked at those twinkling gray eyes he loved. He was so glad Athena had gotten over her grudge against him. Later that night, Annabeth was in the baby room, getting the room filled with educational (of course) toys. Percy was in bed, reading the Olympus Weekly News. He got up to get a glass of water, but stopped In the hall when he heard Annabeth's soft cry. Percy rushed in and gave her a hug.  

"What's wrong?" he asked her.  

"Oh, um, just...um... I want a demigod so very badly. I want someone who can go to Camp Half Blood and watch Erin work. But I don't want you to be a god, Percy."  


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It's alright." Percy comforted her, though wanting to say the same thing she just had.