Which senate committee provides recommendations around how federal revenues (money) have the right to be spent?a.) Appropriations Committeeb.) Finance Committeec.) budget Committeed.) methods and means Committee
Appropriations Committee - The Appropriations Committee makes recommendations around how commonwealth money can be spent. The Finance Committee looks at ways of raising revenues. Back the president prepares and submits an annual budget to Congress, the budget Committee studies and revises the budget plan to prepare the spending plan resolution that will be voted into law. The means and way Committee decides exactly how to raise money for miscellaneous programs.

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The cabinet is component of which branch of the commonwealth government?a.) The judicial branchb.) The representative branchc.) The legislative branch branchd.) The executive, management branch
The executive branch - executive Branch consists of the:1.) President2.) Cabinet3.) bureaucratic agencies, such together the Social security Administration, the interior Revenue Service, and others
Which among the complying with is a one-of-a-kind power that the home of Representatives?a.) has sole power to start all taxation measuresb.) Conducts impeachment trial following vote in Housec.) Ratifies treatiesd.) approve appointments of supreme Court justices, commonwealth judges, ambassadors, and also other crucial officials
Has sole power come initiate all tax actions - The residence of Representatives has sole strength to start all taxation measures and also can poll to impeach a federal government official.
Which among the complying with executive department protects the fish, wildlife, and natural resources?a.) Interiorb.) Agriculturec.) Labord.) State
Interior - The interior is responsible for protecting, fish, wildlife, and natural resources; administers commonwealth lands and also national parks; and also administers aboriginal American reservations.
Which one of the complying with is an company designed to handle complicated tasks efficiently?a.) job forceb.) foreign affairsc.) Bureaucraciesd.) Precedents
Bureaucracies - federal government departments and agencies are arranged as bureaucracies. A administration is an company designed to handle facility tasks efficiently. The does so by assigning committed tasks to individuals. It likewise develops an accurate job descriptions and also procedures.
Which among the adhering to agencies is considered an independent federal agency?a.) Federal power Regulatory Commissionb.) eco-friendly Protection Agencyc.) landscape utilitiesd.) international Trade Agreement
Environmental Protection agency - some independent commonwealth agencies are dubbed regulatory agencies since they have legal government to identify abuses, conference evidence, and also take legit action. The ecological Protection firm is one of them.
US taxation Court is component of which among the complying with levels of commonwealth courts?a.) court of Appealb.) supreme Courtc.) distinct Courtd.) ar Court
Special Court - In addition to these three levels of federal courts, there are also courts of distinct jurisdiction and territorial courts. Court of one-of-a-kind jurisdiction encompass the US taxation Court, the Court of worldwide Trade, and also the us Court of army Appeals.
Which one of the following instances addressed the concerns of constitutional appropriate of the criminal suspect?a.) loving v. Virginiab.) Roe v. Wadec.) Miranda v. Arizonad.) Meyer v. Nebraska
Miranda v. Arizona - according to this decision, criminal suspects must be notified of your constitutional rights as soon as they"re arrested. Police often refer to this procedure as Mirandizing the suspect.
Which one of the following has the power and also responsibility of regulating industries, businesses, and also public utilities?a.) City Governmentb.) State Governmentc.) federal Governmentd.) county Government
State federal government - main responsibilities of state governments encompass the following:1.) Establishing and also enforcing the state criminal code2.) Establishing and enforcing regulations relating to property3.) regulating industries, businesses, and also public utilities4.) regulating working conditions within the state5.) Regulating and also administering poll 6. Regulating interactions (including broadcasting) within the state6.) In collaboration with localities, funding and establishing curricula for public education7.) Building and also maintaining state highways, bridges, ferry services, and so on8.) Establishing and maintaining state welfare programs, consisting of state unemployment compensation and also social services programs
Which species of city government is the oldest type of city government in America?a.) board of directors formb.) Mayor-council formc.) City manager formd.) Court form
Mayor-council kind - The mayor-council kind is the oldest type of city federal government in America. It"s structured really much choose state and national governments.
Regarding the federal court system, i m sorry of the adhering to statements is false?a.) The supreme Court hears most of the cases carried to the on appeal.b.) federal court districts never ever cross state lines.c.) each of the 12 local circuits has a court the appeals.d.) The U.S. Taxes Court is a special federal court.
The can be fried Court hears most of the cases lugged to the on very nice one - Actually, the supreme Court hears around 100 - 150 instances out the the 7,000 situations that are brought to lock for evaluation each year.
In enhancement to replacing the chairman if necessary, it"s the duty of the vice president to _____.a.) offer as liaison to the justice branch.b.) offer as speaker of the House.c.) preside end the Senate.d.) review laws before the president signs them.
If both the president and the angry president space unable to satisfy their duties, that takes over as president?a.) lawyer generalb.) speaker of the Housec.) Secretary of Stated.) President agree tempore of the Senate
Which is no a obligation of a ar government?a.) preserve school buildings.b.) Regulate regional National Guard.c.) poll on taxes.d.) Execute welfare programs.
Suppose you have the job of assigning the proper variety of House the Representatives seat for assorted states. To do that, girlfriend must understand the _____ in the state.a.) variety of districtsb.) populationc.) apportionmentd.) number of counties
Suppose you walk right into the Capitol in Washington and ask come interview the most prominent human being in the whole Congress. If castle accept, you"ll get an appointment through the _____.a.) president pro tempore the the Senate.b.) vice chairman of the united States.c.) chair that the residence Appropriations Committee.d.) speaker of the House.
Speaker the the house - The Speaker"s many leading role is the of the presiding officer that the House. In this position, the speaker is authorized by residence rules to conduct proceedings on the home floor, including the authority to acknowledge Members top top the floor to speak or do changes and the strength to selected Members to conversation committees.
Why walk Elbridge Gerry that Massachusetts redraw the conference districts in his state?a.) come get elected to the Senate.b.) To provide each major party fair representation.c.) To provide his party unfair political advantage.d.) To gain a chairman elected.
What to be the purpose of Franklin Roosevelt"s WPA?a.) To assist get America v the great Depression.b.) To improve the top quality of health care in America.c.) To boost America"s relations with international powers during the Cold War.d.) to prepare America for success in civilization War II.
The home of Representatives has the one-of-a-kind power to _____.a.) command a attempt of impeachment if authorized by the Senate.b.) impeach members the the Senate, however not the House.c.) vote to impeach a government official.d.) impeach a government official who has actually been discovered guilty by the Senate.
The president intends come send a nominee because that Secretary that State. Come be correctly done, the nomination have to go come the _____.a.) Senate.b.) home of Representatives.c.) cabinet and Senate.d.) cabinet.
Senate - The Senate is the legislature branch responsible for providing the presidents nominations because that cabinet positions. In this process, members of the Senate will question the nominee on your experience, expertise, and their background as a way to know whether or not this human is qualified to take it on the role they to be nominated for. If they approve the individual, then the individual is confirmed and also will officially to fill the function they were nominated for.
By law, all tax laws must originate with the _____.a.) IRSb.) Senatec.) Presidentd.) house of Representatives
If a chairman is accused of break the Twenty-Second Amendment, that way the chairman is trying to _____.a.) operation for a third term.b.) make a greater salary.c.) border the purchase or offering of alcohol.d.) limit women"s best to vote.
Which the the following choices ideal represents the organization of the executive branch the government?a.) President, executive departments, individual federal agenciesb.) Senate, president, legislaturec.) Congress, bicameral, judiciald.) President, can be fried Court, Congress
If you visit the Senate chamber throughout a conference on an average day, you"re most most likely to discover the session presided over by _____.a.) a speaker for the house.b.) a president pro tem.c.) the bulk leader.d.) the vice chairman of the unified States.
If the chief Justice that the supreme Court is part of the majority, the or she it s okay to compose the _____.a.) opinion that the courtb.) lawc.) appeald.) dissent
The appropriate to remain silent once arrested or interrogated is guarantee under _____.a.) the very first Amendment.b.) Marbury v. Arizona.c.) Roe v. Wade.d.) the fifth Amendment.
The stipulation requiring the accused persons be told they have "the right to stay silent" stems from _____.a.) Marbury v. Arizonab.) the Monroe Doctrinec.) Miranda v. Arizonad.) the Patriot Act.

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Which that the adhering to is not a power of the president?a.) develop foreign policy.b.) vote to impeach a government official.c.) suggest a budget.d.) Veto a budget.
If you"re a member of the U.S. Navy, your organization is component of the department of _____.a.) Commerceb.) Defensec.) the Interiord.) Transportation
If you space charged through reckless driving, your case will most likely be presented to a _____.a.) court of restricted jurisdictionb.) criminal courtc.) grand juryd.) court of general jurisdiction




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