Do you want to change audio pitch while recording a song or playing instruments? Are you confused how you can instantly change the pitch on your Android and iPhone? It is fun to change the pitch of a song.

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In fact, you can change audio pitch on your phone directly with some of the apps. There are several pitch changer apps for both iPhone and Android that can help you to change audio pitch easily. In this article, we will let you know the best pitch changer app on iPhone and Android.

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Part 1: Best Pitch Changer App on iPhone

1. Anytune

Adjusting the pitch with Anytune is just a piece of cake. It is a smooth transition that helps you to practice, transcribe, play, and perform easily. Anytune is an ultimate audio pitch changer app for the musicians, dancers, and singers to change audio pitch and select the perfect one. The features of Anytune free version are-

Fade in or fade out musicDirectly play the songs from the libraryAdjust tempo and pitch individually without affecting one anotherRecord and shareImport audio from the videosFor practice, mark and loop song sectionsBackup marks and settings to iCloud

2. Audipo

If you wish to make some modification to your audio files, try Audipo. It is a real-time tempo and pitch changer that lets you decrease or increase the speed and keys of the audio playback while you are listening to it. The features of Audipo are-

Available for both iPhone and Android usersUser-friendly and clear interfaceGet funny effects while lowering the pitch of the audio fileReal-time modification of pitch and tempo allowedAdvanced audio control for long audiosAdd marks anywhere in your audio tracks


3. Audio Speed Changer Lite

Do you wish to slow down the music or change audio pitch? Audio Speed Changer Lite is an easy and simple pitch changer app that lets you mark the music area you wish to play and modify the pitch and tempo instantly. The features of this audio pitch changer are-

Modify the pitch and tempo instantly and independentlyVarious filtersSimple and easy interfaceImport formats like mp3, m4a, aac, ogg, wav,Export to wav and mp3


4. TimePitch

Create and share music with TimePitch as it is an easy to use app that also allows you to change the tempo and pitch of the audio file without any complications. The features of TimePitch include-

Easy and simple to use even for the beginnersFree for download and usePitch and tempo sliders to change audio pitch and speedSelect songs from the music library


5. SpeedPitch

Amazingly professional audio editing software, SpeedPitch is an easy app with a range of features. Just load a song from your music library and get going. The features of SpeedPitch are-

Free app with a simple interfaceSlow down music by decreasing tempoUncomplicated pitch changer app that let you change pitch without disturbing the tempoUse the iPod library to choose your song


Part 2: Best Pitch Changer App on Android

6. Karaoke Pitch Changer

If you are a Karaoke Singer, this is the right pitch changer app for you. It is a real-time platform that lets you easily change the tempo and pitch of your chosen audio file. The features of Karaoke Pitch Changer are-

Transform tempo and pitch to mp3 KaraokeBoth video and audio pitch changerAudio and video tempo changerKaraoke video editorReal-time pitch and tempo change while video karaoke


7. Music Speed Changer

Are you looking forward to adjusting the audio tempo and pitch together real-time? Music Speed Changer is an ultimate audio pitch changer and tempo changer app that is hard to ignore. You can rock out your favorite song at 130% or listen to the audio books at a fast-pace or practice at different tuning. The features of this pitch changer app are-

Change the pitch of the audio without disturbing the tempo real-timeChange the tempo of the audio without changing the pitch real-timeAdjust both tempo and speed at the same timeSave the changed audio file in mp3 formatSeamlessly loop audio sections


8. Audipo

Audipo is a valuable and handy pitch changer app for music practice, music dictation, radio player, audiobook player, language study, listening to long audio, and more. Audipo lets you mark the audio track and also name it so that only the marked area can be played repeatedly. The features of this pitch changer app are-

You can change audio pitch independently without changing the tempoPitch shifting is not required while changing the speedAdvanced audio controls for long audio tracksMark the audio track


9. Riff Studio

Riff Studio, used for music production is a professional studio app that lets you enjoy remixing the songs, composing music, adjust tracks, etc. The features of Riff Studio are-

Use the instrument to change audio filesWithout affecting the song, change the speed and pitchFree pitch changer app for Android usersBasically designed for the professionals but the beginners can also change the ready music


10. Up Tempo

With clear visuals and easy controls, Up Tempo can be used to change the tempo and pitch of the audio file on your Android device without compromising on its accurateness. The features of this pitch changer are-

Change the pitch down and up without compromising on the quality or tempoChange the tempo of the audio fileSet precise loop pointsExport and share adjusted song in m4a formatPlay the audio with real-time pitch and tempo adjusted changes instantly


Part 3: FAQ about Music Pitcher App

1. How do you change the pitch of a song?

You can change the pitch of a song in one of two ways. One is to play the song in a pitch above or below its normal pitch. Two – is to use technology to perform this task on your behalf. To change the pitch of your chosen song, all you need is a digital copy of it and a pitch changer app that works for you.

There are several for you to choose from. The best pitch changer app for you depends on which device you are listening on. If on Android, the Karaoke Pitch Changer is optimal. If on PC, the online tone generator might do the job. If on Mac, try Pitch Switch.

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2. Does changing pitch change key?

The short answer is that yes, the changing pitch does change the key. If you imagine it on a sliding scale, then pitch and the key would run alongside each other. You have to pitch your voice in the same key as your instrument, otherwise, you will clash and sound terrible. The two words are not entirely interchangeable, though. One refers to the instrument"s note. The other refers to the timbre of your voice. When you move up and down on either, you have to move up and down on the other to stay in tune.


There might be various situations when you may need to change the audio pitch of a particular song. Possibly, you wish to add the pitch shift file or a slowed down sound into the video. Maybe you want a lower pitch for your performance. Whatever it might be, pitch changer apps come as a great help as it can change the pitch of the song without changing its tempo. Try the above-mentioned pitch changer app to change the pitch of your song on your Android and iPhone devices.