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Two’s company, three’s a crowd
     2011-January-24  08:53    Shenzhen Daily

    James Baquet

    The definition of today’s expression, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd,” is fairly clear: when two world want come enjoy private time (“keep company”), the visibility of a third is intrusive (“a crowd”).

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    By the way, the saying has provided rise to a riddle:

    Q: If two’s a agency and three’s a crowd, what is four and five?

    A: Nine! (4 + 5 = 9; gain it?)

    Sorry. Here’s the dialogue:

    James look at his student, a boy called Adam, in ~ a coffee shop ~ above a Friday night.

    James: Adam! What space you doing right here all alone? I thought you to be on a double-date tonight.

    Adam: Oh, my girlfriend had to take a rain check.

    James: couldn’t you go through the other couple anyway?

    Adam: Nah. Girlfriend know, “Two’s company…”

    James: Sure. Don’t desire to be a 5th wheel, huh?

    Adam: it is right.

    James: So, what, you’re just going come sit right here all night?

    Adam: No, some friends and I plan to walk clubbing later.

    James: Sounds like fun. Room you sort of a night owl?

    Adam: because that sure. The wee hrs are my favourite time.

    James: So you will do it be out past the witching hour.

    Adam: Sure!

    James: What about your “beauty sleep”?

    Adam: Come on. Go this face look choose it needs beauty sleep?

    James: Truthfully?

    Adam: Hey!

    James: just sayin’…

    Notes on the dialogue:

    — A double-date: when two couples (four people) go out together.

    — To take a rain check: to cancel, through a promise of act something later; originally, when a ticket was bought for an outdoor event (like a baseball game), and also the occasion was canceled due to rain, the “rain check” to be a ticket that might be provided for a later game.

    — “Two’s company…”: The expression is so usual that the is often proclaimed in a much shorter form.

    — A 5th wheel: an extra human being (like the 5th wheel ~ above a four wheel car); sometimes, a “third wheel.”

    — To go clubbing: to go out to night clubs; an instance of a phenomenon dubbed “verbing a noun,” wherein a noun (“club”) i do not care a verb (in this case, a gerund).

    — A night owl: One who enjoys continuing to be up late.

    — The wee hours: The hours after midnight, called “wee” (meaning “small”) due to the fact that the numbers room small: 1, 2, 3, etc.

    — The witching hour: midnight, when witches supposedly gathered.

    — “Beauty sleep”: that is widely thought that adequate sleep help a human being look more attractive; Adam jokes that he is already “beautiful” enough.

    — Truthfully?: A question favor this suggests that the speaker will certainly give solution that the questioner won’t like.

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    — simply sayin’…: A modern coinage, meaning something like, “I don’t typical anything by it,” but often provided when the speaker yes, really does average something by it.