Shangri llama and all the geotopians was old and also arguing even if it is to rebuild the wall surface or assist stop an asteroid till Brooke encourage everyone to assist the herd placed crystals in the volcano.

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"Ok everyone an initial plug up all the vents v rocks come apply more Pressure, the following step anyone bump the crystals into the volcano" Buck ordered together everyone walk what he said "Good news we're 6 minutes ahead the schedule, someone up there have to like us!"

...But, a stupid an are squirrel coincidentally crashed his ship against the asteroid

"Bad news someone up over there doesn't choose us! We're 6 minute behind schedule!"

"We need that big crystal" Manny said and went to assist Julian

Suddenly, the Dino birds knocked the large crystal down and trapped buck through their feet. Yet after a lot of talking, they made decision to help stop the asteroid and lifted the huge crystal near the volcano however got hit by a meteor

"We have actually to acquire everyone to safety!" Diego told Ellie and also Shira

Shira started to follow but roared in pain and also collapsed "Shira friend ok?!" Ellie asked and Diego looked at her through worry

"What's wrong?"

"The cubs your coming... Now!" Shira yelled together her contractions to be hitting hard like the meteors

"I'll obtain her to security you and Peaches should assist everyone" Ellie said and picked up Shira

"Ok be for sure Shira" the said and also left v Peaches

Meanwhile, Manny and also Jillian ultimately got the big crystal in yet it was quiet. Granny plugged in a little hole that made the volcano erupt.

Brooke and Ellie assisted Shira provide birth when Diego was telling her 2 Breath as 2 cubs come out very first was a young the 2nd cub to be a girl, Shira still preserved on pushing.

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"There's another one..." Shira says as an additional boy cub came out

"Triplets!?" Sid claimed in shocked and also everyone awed

The moment was cut brief when the volcano impede the asteroid come crash and send it much away.

"Yay we did it! I'll never ever doubt friend again girlfriend coconut!" Manny fist bumped v Buck

Shira smiled at your cubs as they were nursing and also Diego was the happiest saber in the world.

"Let's get earlier and have the wedding" Ellie suggested and everyone agreed after ~ Sid said his sad goodbyes come Brooke and also Granny

Shira and Diego carried the cubs with the help of Ellie earlier to the herd and Peaches got married to Julian. Buck decided to live through the herd and also Brooke came earlier to Sid feather young again yet this time it's permanent.

"So what room we going to name?" Diego inquiry Shira together the cubs were nursing

"how about... Nigel, Tigris, and also Chase" she smiled under at the when they dropped asleep

"Perfect" Diego kissed his mate and they both dropped asleep

The End... Or is it?


Hey males hope you choose this chapter I know it took lengthy to update yet I've been trying to upgrade my other books and also get inspiration. Anyways I gotten in this publication to the Watty Awards and I expect it wins if no oh well and thank for the 1k reads xD