Read the city "I, Too" by Langston Hughes and prize the inquiries that follow:

"I, Too"

I, too, song America.

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I am the darker brother.

castle send me come eat in the kitchen

When company comes,

yet I laugh,

and also eat well,

and grow strong.


I"ll be at the table

When company comes.

Nobody"ll dare

Say come me,

“Eat in the kitchen,”



They"ll see just how beautiful ns am

and be ashamed—

I, too, am America.

Respond to the questions provided below:

Q "I, Too" poem mirrors the racism and discrimination about the world. However, the is likewise commented that the poem reflects the self-awareness and right to be cost-free as a self-being in society.

Discuss the over statement with the current situation throughout the world prevailing in course systems. (5)Also critically analysis the poem v a post-colonial perspective. (5)

(Word limit for each Question: 200-250 words)

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Think about the meaning of the word, "too". It method also which in reality is a very inclusive word offering a deeper an interpretation to the poem. The poet character though gift shunned by culture has a bulletin sense of me esteem and also self respect. The is intelligent, and for the time being accepting of the social injustice and also current situation. Accepting? Yes, temporarily due to the fact that his attitude is a strength which permits him to have the me satisfaction of not just believing however knowing that points will change and he will certainly rise about the prejudice i m sorry tries to hold him back. The does not feel entirely submissive due to the fact that his belief in himself is more powerful than the standing quo and also he knows he will certainly see better days. He has actually the serenity to ...the courage...and the wisdom...

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i m really sorry typo "bulletin"should say built-in or innate

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Patient and an imaginative English/Writing guardian

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Hi Siraj,

Just popping in below to provide you some jumping-off points as you take into consideration this poem. You have two inquiries to answer. In both cases, it will aid you to do lists—maybe a list of every the means in i m sorry you can see a gap between wealthy people and also poor people—this will aid you describe "the current situation across the civilization prevailing in course systems." you might also make a perform of words you associate through "post-colonial" and also think about how castle relate come the poem. Freewriting lists is a an excellent way come jumpstart your writing process.

I hope that helps!


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