What is the difference between these phrases? once is it precious to use which? need to they be avoided as being ambiguous?



Nothing yet A

Means just A. Girlfriend don"t want anything else.

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Anything but A

Means the you don"t want A. You could have B or C, or maybe even both B and C (and also E if someone offers) - however NOT A!

Everything but A

Means the A is the only thing friend don"t want. You do want the remainder of the whole alphabet - but NOT A!



"Nothing but" means only:

Nothing however the best.Only the best.

"Anything but" way any one point except whatever follows but:

Don"t make me go to school. Anything but that.Don"t do me walk to school. You have the right to make me carry out anything else, however don"t make me go to school.

"Everything but" way everything excepting whatever follows but:

He mental to bring everything but his toothbrush.He lugged everything v him except his toothbrush, which the left behind.

But here means except.

I want nothing but chocolate

means I do not desire to have any kind of food except chocolate.

Give me anything however chocolate

means I can eat every kinds the food except chocolate.

I will certainly eat everything however the chocolate

meansI am going to have actually all the food in front of me other than the chocolate.

"I wanted everything however that" way "I yes, really didn"t desire that in ~ all". So, unequal "all but" which way "almost", "everything but" way "very far from".

Nice to see I"m not the only one pondering this. The over answers carry out sum increase the most regular usages, however I would prefer to suggest an addendum worrying the faint of the phrases, which, for me, was the main point of the question:

"Anything but" may sometimes also be offered in a means that is closer in definition to "nothing but", largely when posed together a rhetorical question, as in:

"How deserve to B median anything however A?" — implying that B method A, and only A.

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This does not contact for avoidance of the phrase, however, together the intended an interpretation can, more or less, be easily taken from the paper definition of its use. Offer readers/listeners some etymological credit.

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