I newly kissed a co-worker at a job-related thing critical week. The wasn’t planned and also it’s not like we’d been flirting because that months; we both gained a tiny drunk and next point I know, us were make out. Once I acquired home, I immediately told my boyfriend. He responded with silence and also hasn’t claimed a word due to the fact that then. What the hell?

Does he think I’m lying?

It’s tough to admit, however I have actually been known to lie on occasion. Occasionally my friend is a tiny too serious about everything. The only method I can get him to stop working and live a small is to lie to gain him the end of the house. It’s always in great fun and I phone call him appropriate after the it was a lie. What if he think this is just one more lie that’s gone as well far?

Does he think its not a large deal?

i was nice drunk when I acquired home. It was the very first thing my boyfriend commented on. Possibly he believes the what happens as soon as you’re drunk doesn’t matter? If that was the case, climate why won’t he bring it increase or to speak something like, “You yes, really shouldn’t acquire so wasted“? Ugh. The quiet is beginning to journey me crazy.

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Is he merely not jealous?

It can be that my boyfriend has lost interest in me. As I said, occasionally he can gain pretty serious and also focused ~ above work. But what if I’m wrong around him? What if occupational is one excuse because that him come spend less time with me? at the beginning of our relationship, us were inseparable. That faded with time, yet I presume that’s what taken place in every relationships. What if i was wrong and also it transforms out my boyfriend isn’t jealous since he’s been in search of an out?

Does he covertly want to it is in a cuckold?

This is pretty far out, however I have a girlfriend whose ex was right into this kind of thing. That told she that one of his fantasies was for she to go the end with other men, then report ago to him as soon as she came home. My girlfriend wasn’t right into that and also they damaged up, however guys prefer that perform exist. What if my boyfriend is just one of them? ns don’t know just how I would certainly feel about my guy actively not caring about me gift with various other men. I desire to feel choose I’m so special that my boyfriend doesn’t desire to re-publishing me through anyone else.

Has the forgiven me?

There’s a an excellent chance my boyfriend thought around what happened, acquired mad about it, and decided to pardon me. There’s no means for me to be sure because I pass out shortly after I ceded the news. My boyfriend is a quite level-headed guy. It’s possible he determined to forgive me so the we can move on. Ns don’t want to bring it up in instance I reopen a wound and also create an also bigger problem.

Is that planning his revenge?

They to speak it’s the quiet people you need to watch out for. My friend fits the bill. I problem that he might be plan his revenge. He’s a hot guy and also I’m sure there are other women he’s attractive to. What if he desires to use my mistake as an excuse because that him to walk act the end on some of his desires? I hate the idea that he could do that and also the truth that ns wouldn’t also have a ideal to it is in mad. I hope this isn’t what he’s planning. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Is he simply sweeping points under the rug?

There’s a good chance the my boyfriend is upset about what i did, but that the doesn’t desire to talk around it. Transparent our relationship, he’s had actually a habit the sweeping points under the rug. It took him month to lastly tell me the hated hanging out through my best friend. This is a much bigger issue than that. Sweeping a mistake like this under the rug could reason deeper issues. Ns don’t desire it come fester and also for him to explode in anger one arbitrarily day.

Should i let this go?

despite all the concerns I’ve been asking myself, this is the best one. World say that if it ain’t broke, then you shouldn’t solve it. Whether my friend is to plan his revenge or that doesn’t care, we’re quiet together. Should I lug it increase or relocate past it as he appears to have done? i heard a male friend when say that one of the problems with a most women is the they feeling the have to talk around everything. He claims that part things must be left alone. Maybe my boyfriend wants to let sleeping dogs lie and I should follow his example.

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Do us still have actually a future?

there are particular things the a human being can’t unsee. I’ve heard a lot of of males say that cheating is the line in the sand that renders them leave a relationship. I know the male ego. What if my friend is struggling v the decision of whether to leaving me or not? ns can’t cancel what ns did, and I don’t want to obstacle it in his confront by bringing it up. I love my boyfriend, and whatever’s going through his mind appropriate now, ns hope that’s at the forefront.

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