According come Riddle Spot, the answer to the riddle "What goes up the chimney under but cannot go down the chimney up?" is one umbrella. One umbrella is very thin and narrow once it is down, so that can fit with the narrow opening of a chimney.

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In this regard, what have the right to go up a drainpipe but not down?

An umbrella. One umbrella.

Furthermore, what is harder to capture the much faster you run? Answer: your breath.

Additionally, what has a neck yet no head?

A Neck and No Head. What has actually a neck and also no head, two arms but no hands? A shirts (or sweater, jacket, etc). A shirt (or sweater, jacket, etc).

What next of a cat has most fur?

Answer: The outside.

What can You Serve, But never Eat? Don"t forget to share it with all the children that you know. Answer: A Tennis round or a badminton shuttle.
What has actually teeth yet can"t bite? A comb. Various other inanimate objects v teeth choose a saw, zipper or a gear can “bite” you. It"s a rare event that anyone would be hurt by a comb.
Question : What has actually hands yet can no clap? price : The prize will be one of two people a clock or a watch. Both have hands but can no clap.
Question: How execute you make the number one disappear by adding to it? Answer: Add the letter "G" and it"s "Gone".
Anencephaly is the absence of a significant portion the the brain, skull, and also scalp the occurs throughout embryonic development. The is a cephalic disorder that results from a neural pipe defect the occurs as soon as the rostral (head) finish of the neural tube falls short to close, usually in between the 23rd and also 26th day complying with conception.
The prize is a needle! girlfriend see a needle has an ”eye”, wherein the subject is happen through, but that can"t see v it can"t it?
the end that the rainbow. If girlfriend say the something is in ~ the end of the rainbow, you median that civilization want it yet it is almost impossible to attain or achieve. The promise the a cure–the pot of gold at the end the the rainbow–often makes sensible people do irrational things.
A match. Girlfriend tear a enhance out the a matchbook and also scratch the head to irradiate it, then the red reminder turns black indigenous the flame. This is an accurate duplicate of Tear One Off and also Scratch mine Head however I"m leave it to avoid damaged links. A match.
Birds, bats, moths and also butterflies have the right to fly. Even some lizards, snakes, fish and squirrels can glide under control toward the ground, i beg your pardon is no the very same thing together falling. Reinwardt"s flying frog “flieswithout wings v Southeast eastern rainforests.
Which auto is spelled the same forwards and backwards? Answer: Racecar / Civic. Both this word when read backwards come v the same word.

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What constantly runs, but never ever walks, regularly murmurs but never talks, has actually a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but doesn"t eat? you can walk on water as result of it"s power, try to keep it, it"ll be gone in an hour.