dog-hungry, empty, flying light, having actually the munchies, hollow, hunger, hungering, hungry, ravening, ravenous, starved, starved come death, voracious

Idiom scenario 1

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A couple are talk ...

Wife: You're residence late.

Husband: It to be a crazy day at work. I was so busy I didn't even have time because that lunch.

Wife: You must be hungry.

Husband: I'm therefore hungry i could eat a horse.

Idiom scenario 2

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Two friends room talking ...

Friend 1: How's your brand-new diet functioning out?

Friend 2: not as claimed. This diet is claimed to enable you to no feel hungry all the time.

Friend 1: And?

Friend 2: Well, five days right into the diet and also I to be so hungry ns could eat a horse.

could eat a horse - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 10

could eat a steed - Examples:

1) obtained that gnawing feeling - Ha! I'm famished - ns could eat a horse girlfriend look a tiny off colour - Ha.

2) possibly a stunner question but do other world have days whereby they could eat a horse (not literally).

3) Right now I'm for this reason hungry ns could eat a horse, however I guess: v I'll have to fill up on these Cheeto's till we ...

4) i could eat a horse (spoken) I'm an extremely hungry What's because that dinner?

5) after ~ all the surfing, ns am so tired and also hungry i could eat a horse!

6) i pop the end of bed ready so hungry ns could eat a horse.

7) we stepped right into the market, famished, prepared to eat a horse, hope to find a hotel somewhere.

8) I'm therefore hungry the I can eat a horse or the my stomach is growling, for example.

9) i could eat a horse! Stalls operation out of food at Greenwich dressage event.

10) There's nothing worse than arriving to a party and being for this reason hungry girlfriend could eat a horse.

11) ... Since you'll be famished and also that's that allude where anyone goes, “God I'm for this reason hungry i could eat a horse."

12) cursed these diets anyways, for ns could eat a horse!

13) It's midday as soon as I come after the long haul native Sydney and I could eat a horse.

14) clearly in the midst of a big Mac strike (so hungry she could eat a horse?), the woman was undeterred: She decided to go into the restaurant ...

15) for this reason hungry you could eat a horse?

16) ever before been therefore hungry you could eat a horse?

17) A recent dinner party to be so hungry the could eat a horse.

18) he looks to me favor he could eat a horse.

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19) This is a an excellent recipe for those days as soon as you feel choose you could eat a horse and chase the jockey.