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Hello kinda a dumb question however I can"t discover the latch at every on my 07 Sonata. ~ above the smaller side, there is a latch that you pull up and the seat comes ideal down. On the larger side with the armrest, there is no latch anywhere to it is in seen. I took the headrest off and also all and also cannot find any kind of latch? maybe I to be overlooking something. Thanks.

Here is a location to watch the 2007 Sonata hands-on online. Girlfriend can also find the in a downloadable PDF format.
Yes I saw that in the owners manual. The trouble I am having actually is, top top the larger side of the seat, ns dont check out a latch up top, ~ above the smaller sized side there is a latch and also everything works fine. Ns cant it seems to be ~ to find the latch top top the bigger side.

Obviously this is a fluke...... I would certainly take the auto to her dealer and also ask the to resolve it... You don"t want to just cut the leather approximately the latch, you desire Hyundai to deal with something the obviously castle screwed up with.

I"m not sure Hyundai cursed the error. Cars have the right to be damaged between the factory and dealership, and they"re occasionally repaired by the stealership or your minions. Periodically the minions room stupid/lazy/incompetent. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Reminds me of one old three Stooges film where they were supposed to be knowledgeable wall file hangers; they papered end a door. I"d to trust Hyundai a LOT an ext than I"d to trust the stealer; if it were my car I would certainly NOT take it it back to the stealer uneven I had actually it in composing that they would NOT just cut out around the latch. I"d take it it to a real upholsterer and get a quote. It might not be worth the danger of taking it earlier to the idiot that screwed it up in the an initial place.
Hmmm.... Perhaps the behind seat"s leather obtained damaged indigenous a cut or a spill, or a tobacco burn.... Test-driven through somebody who took a passenger along in the back seat, and also that passenger did the damage? and also the dealership carry out a half-ass fix?
Thats yes, really stupid.. I couldn"t figure it the end for the life the me till I opened up my tribe to acquire out my ice cream scraper and also there to be a lever. Castle should"ve excellent the same with the sonata...

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Does the car have aftermarket animal leather interior?If it does, then the shop screwed the up, not Hyundai.Also, if this is indigenous the factory, ns don"t know if they"ll resolve it. The vehicle is top top 07 and also could be the end of the bumper-to-bumper warranty.
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