Theologian and also preacher Jonathan Edwards is taken into consideration by many to be among history’s best theologians. Edwards, that preached one of America’s all-time good sermons, Sinners in the hands of an upset God, played a huge part in the great Awakening that led to thousands the men and women to come to faith in a significant revival that swept across much that America and also into Europe.

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In the seventh thing of The prominence of God in Preaching, john Piper, who himself points come Edwards as his #1 theological influence external of Scripture, shares ten qualities of Edwards’ preaching that, that suggests, use to all that desire to preach well. Below is a short an introduction of those ten characteristics (edited for length):

Stir up divine Affections.

“Good preaching aims to stir increase ‘holy affections’—things choose hate for sin, joy in God, hope in his promises, gratitude for his mercy, desire for his holiness, soft compassion. The reason for this is that the absence of holy affections in christians is odious…”

Piper quotes Edwards,

“Outward acts of benevolence and piety that perform not flow from the brand-new and God-given affections that the heart, which pleasure to rely on God and seek his glory, are just legalism and have no value in honoring God.”

Enlighten the Mind.

“…affections that do not climb from the mind’s apprehension of truth are not holy affections. Because that example, he says, ‘That faith, which is there is no spiritual light, is no the faith of the kids of the light and of the day, yet the presumption the the youngsters of darkness. And also therefore to press and urge them come believe, without any type of spiritual light or sight, tends considerably to help forward the delusions of the prince the darkness.’”

“…the an excellent preacher will make that his aim to provide his hearers ‘good reason’ and ‘just ground’ for the affections that is trying to stir up.”

Saturate with Scripture.

“I say that an excellent preaching is “saturated v Scripture” and not “based ~ above Scripture” due to the fact that Scripture is an ext (not less) 보다 the basis for good preaching. An excellent preaching does no sit ~ above Scripture favor a basis and say various other things. The oozes Scripture.

Again and again mine advice to start preachers is, “Quote the text! Quote the text! speak the actual indigenous of the message again and again. Display the world where your principles are comes from.”…Edwards expended an excellent energy to compose out entirety passages in his sermon manuscripts that provided support for what he was saying.”

Employ Analogies and Images

“Experience and Scripture teach that the love is many powerfully touched not when the mental is entertaining abstract ideas, but when the is filled with vivid photos of exceptional reality. Edwards was, to be sure, a metaphysician and also a thinker of the highest possible order…he knew the abstractions kindled couple of affections. And brand-new affections are the goal of preaching…And that sought come compare abstract theological truth to usual events and also experiences.”

Use threat and warnings.

“Edwards was fully persuaded that hell to be real. ‘This doctrine is undoubtedly awful and also dreadful, yet ‘tis that God.’…he esteemed the hazards of Jesus as the strident tones of love.

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‘Whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will certainly be responsible to the hell the fire’ (Matt. 5:22).‘It is better that you shed one of your members 보다 that your entirety body enter hell’ (Matt. 5:30).‘Fear him that can destroy both soul and also body in hell’ (Matt. 10:28).

Edwards might not stay silent whereby Jesus to be so vocal. Hell awaits every unconverted person. Love should warn them through the dangers of the Lord.”

Plead because that a Response

Edwards said, “Sinners…should be earnestly invited to come and accept of a Savior, and yield their hearts to him, with all the winning, encouraging debates for them…that the Gospel affords.” … “Almost every sermon has a long section referred to as ‘Application’ wherein Edwards screws in the effects of his doctrine and presses because that a response. He did not provide what is known today as an ‘altar call,’ yet he did ‘call’ and expostulate and plead because that his people to respond to God.”

Probe the functions of the Heart

“Powerful preaching is favor surgery. Under the anointing that the holy Spirit, that locates, lances, and also removes the epidemic of sin. Sereno Dwight, among Edwards’s early biographers, stated of him, “His expertise of the person heart, and its operations, has scarcely to be equaled by that of any kind of uninspired preacher.””

Yield come the divine Spirit in Prayer

“…The goal of preaching is utterly dependent top top the mercy the God for its fulfillment. Therefore, the preacher should labor to put his preaching under magnificent influence by prayer. By this way the holy Spirit assists the preacher. But Edwards didn’t think the help came in the type of words being immediately suggested to the mind. If that’s every the soul did, a preacher can be a devil and also do his work. No, the holy Spirit filling the love with holy affections and also the love fills the mouth.”

Be Broken and also Tenderhearted

“Good preaching originates from a soul of brokenness and tenderness. For every his authority and power Jesus was attractive because he to be ‘gentle and lowly in heart,’ which made the a place of remainder (Matt 11:29). ‘When he experienced the crowds, he had actually compassion for them, since they to be harassed and helpless, choose sheep there is no a shepherd’ (Matt 9:36). Over there is in the Spirit-filled preacher a soft affection that sweetens every promise and softens with tears every warning and also rebuke.”

Be Intense

“Good preaching provides the impression that something very an excellent is in ~ stake. Through Edwards’s watch of the truth of heaven and also hell and the necessity of persevering in a life of divine affections and also godliness, eternity to be at stake every Sunday…Edwards can no an ext imagine speaking in a cold or casual or indifferent of flippant manner about the an excellent things of God than he might imagine a father discussing coolly the collapse of a flaming residence on his children.”