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Let me know if you find out.I go to car shows where they want the trunk open.Hope you find out and please let me know.Thanks HEMIB5BLUE


I"m also very interested in this. I often need to have my trunk open for two to three hours, and I don"t want to have to resort to physically removing the bulb.
I should know better than to reply to this with out going out and trying it, but can"t you just take a screwdriver and trip the latch to the closed position and then open it before you go to close the trunk??
When I go to a show, I "flip" the trunk latch (mounted on the trunk lid) using my pocket knife, key, or screw driver. This will turn the light off. :thumbsup:Just remember to pull the emergency release or push the trunk pop button before you close the trunk!:smokin:
It"d take a VERY long time to run down the battery with the trunk light. If you"re really concerned about it, you can always replace the bulb with an equivalent LED. You"ll be able to leave that trunk open for a week without worrying about running down the battery.
It took less than a day to completely drain the battery when I accidently hit the trunk open button. The battery was so dead that the door locks wouldn"t work.
Really? I"ve left that trunk up for 24 hours when I was working on the car and the battery still had juice to start the car.Something else must be going on. A small bulb like that is what 10W-12W? That"s about 300W (24Ah) over a 24 hour period. A battery"s capacity is closer to 160Ah (220Ah for SRT8). That would barely make a dent in the battery"s capacity.
I think the trunk light is about an amp. The battery is about 55 Amp hours when new and fully charged.So a full day is a serious drain on the capacity.
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what about putting a switch in the trunk somewhere wired to the light ( other than the latch) just turn it on and off when u want!! I dont know how difficult it could be but im sure with all the expertise out here someone could figure this out!!
I keep a short wooden dowel in the trunk with one end machined down just for the purpose of clicking the latch closed while the trunk is opened. I"ll just pull the release handle when it"s time to close the trunk.Since I never slam the trunk closed (I gently push it closed by pressing on the plastic light lens), it"s no big deal if I forget to unlatch the trunk while pressing it closed.
I think the trunk light is about an amp. The battery is about 55 Amp hours when new and fully charged.So a full day is a serious drain on the capacity.

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